What movies/TV shows/books have infiltrated your dreams?

Self explanatory.

The first TV appearance I remember in my dreams was a nightmare about Hoodoo , an evil wizard played by Charles Nelson Reilly on the kid’s show Lidsville (a spin-off of H.R. Pufnstuff) chasing me in his top hat-plane.

I’ve had dreams with the cast members of Little House on the Prairie (specifically Mrs. Oleson and Rev. Alden) interspliced with my family. When Titanic was huge I had a dream I was on the ship and, strangely, it was combined with the Columbine murders- under the ship’s deck there was a school shooting going on.

When I was on a major Holocaust kick (i.e. the books I read, movies I watched were all about the Holocaust) I had several Holocaust related dreams, but the only one I can specifically remember being inspired by anything was one about Natalie and Aaron Jastrow from Herman Wouk’s Winds of War books (this was before I saw the miniseries, so they were more generic). And I had a dream about Everybody Loves Ray one time, which is odd because I’ve probably watched three episodes of the show ever and I didn’t even like them.

What movies and TV shows or other media have appeared in your dreams?

Gilligan’s Island. I used to have this dream about an episode where they somehow got off the island only to find that civilization had been destroyed by nuclear war. They wind up taking a couple boats and setting up their own civilization back on their island.

I was 23 or 13 when the Rodney King tapes were broadcast constantly, and I remember having nightmares about those with frequency…
I would say anything that either has a rather profound emotional impact (be it fear or love, beauty) is likely to seep into my dreams somehow. I just saw Oldboy, which is one of those great movies I’ll never watch again, and the imagery infected my dreams, as did Pi. I try to be careful about violent content in movies, as it will give me some wicked nightmares.

On a lighter note, I have played both Katamari Damacy games in the last three months, and I’ve had many a dream that involved me pushing a katamari around, collecting random objects, or seeing one rolling by in the background of some completely unrelated dream.

Hm, this morning I was having a fairly vivid dream involvng being in the south pacific in some sort of refugee situation with WW2 german soldiers flying over and having to hide from the planes observers … turns out that mrAru was watching Stalak 17 on one of the movie channels… does that count?

We tend to sleep with either the TV or music on all night, and it is not uncommon for us to wake up and discuss dreams we had, and try to figure out what we were listening to that snuck in… mrAru hates it when infomercials pop on tv … I find ronco products tend to give an existential flavor to dreams sometimes=)

During the first few seasons of Babylon 5, every night after I watched an episode, I’d dream about being on Babylon 5. I don’t remember any of the dreams, but it was freaky.

I once drempt an entire Star Trek episode. I was the only survivor on a planet on which everyone else had mysteriously died. I was rescued by the crew of the Enterprise and was being taken to another planet to pick up the pieces of my life.

It turned out that an alien had killed all the other people on the first planet and was now hiding inside of me, just waiting to kill all the people on the next planet as well.

It turned out that the alien couldn’t touch bare metal without dire consequences. My body was no shield against it. In one scene, I was with Lt. Uhuru in her quarters and we were looking through her jewelry box as we chatted. I remember a certain necklace that I admired but I didn’t pick it up. In another scene, I was in the mess hall but left without eating anything on my tray because I couldn’t pick up the metal utensils.

Eventually, Captain Kirk realised that there was an alien inside of me and figured out how to get rid of it. He got Lt. Uhuru’s necklace and forced it around my neck. After much dramatic writhing and screaming, the alien died and left my body. I was back to normal and many lives were saved.

I wish I could remember more of it but this was years ago. I remember that the dialogue was quite good and right along the lines of a real Star Trek episode, as were the sub-plots and other goings on.

Lately I’ve been watching Buffy, and just last week I had a dream about being a vampire with a soul, a la Angel. I think I was trying to convince Buffy not to kill me.

I always have dreams according to whatever I’ve been watching/playing most recently. When I was in my Diablo 2 phase, I dreamt that our guild members had been sucked into the Diablo world. We were barely over lvl 20 yet we were stuck in Hell. Very scary.

I used to dream about Wonder Woman quite a bit – I was a teenager when the show first aired, and she sent my hormones raging wildly! I already had a superheroine fetish, but Lynda Carter in that colorful and skimpy outfit intensified the fetish to epic proportions! I really have never been the same since!

I know there are more, but the only one I can remember at the moment involved Hannibal Lector, and it was more of a cameo reference than an all-out infiltration. The only reason I can remember it is because I actually managed to write it down in one of my ill-fated dream journals many years ago.

Within the past couple of years, I had a totally random dream about making out with Andre from Outkast…not sure if MTV counts towards the OP though.

I have dreams about scary things, but I haven’t had an actual nightmare about scary things in years (the few nightmares I have are all lateness/job-related). A good example would be my recent dream about Sadako, the killer ghost from Ringu.

I was at my childhood home when she came out of the TV and started stalking toward me. I ran to the back door and waited there in the doorway, even though I knew she would kill me if she got to me. Slowly, she walked up to me, getting closer and closer, until she was just inches away…

WHAM! I slammed the door into her face and then sprinted around the house to the front door to wait for her to turn around and start coming after me again. I then slammed the door into her again and ran around back to the other side of the house. I did this to her three or four times, laughing hysterically the whole time.

I forgot a good book-related dream I had a while back. I had a bad fever at the time, and I was going through a long night of half-sleep where I kept having the same dream again and again. I had just recently read Stephen Jay Gould’s The Mismeasure of Man, and this filtered into my dreams somehow. At some point in the night I started mumbling to myself, “…have to kill Francis Galton…”

Harry Potter, God help me. Not long ago I dreamed that it was the end-of-the-year at Hogwarts, and they were celebrating with a magicakl outdoor carnival with carnival-type rides (a la the movie version of Grease). One ride was a kind of roller coaster. The track was shaped like a “U” with both ends pointing up, one higher than the other. You started on the longer vertical leg, gathered speed as you fell, then rode up the other side. Because that second leg was shorter, you came off the track. On your way back down you magically (literaly) re-engaged the track. Lots of heart-stopping fun.

I try to keep a dream journal, but nowadays I don’t write them down a lot any more.

I tend to have anime/manga/video game influcenced dreams more often than anything else, but there was a point in time where I was having quite a few Lord of the Rings dreams. (Probably due to the fact that the movies came out and I was in a tabletop roleplaying group at the time.)

I find that my dreams are easily influenced by whatever I’ve been watching. I’ve had lots of dreams with Buffy and Angel characters in them, including some Giles dreams that aren’t fit for a family forum. :wink:

My daughter has been obsessed with all things Green Day since American Idiot came out, and one night, after an all-day GDFest, I dreamed I went hangliding with Mike Dirnt.

Dreams are weird.

Clive Barker’s novel THE HELLBOUND HEART. The movies didn’t bother my dreams at all, but whew- that book! Of course, all the actual imagery came from the movie, but the book set off the dream…

I’m with a group of people who are messing with the Configuration. I’m yelling “Don’t you know what that is?!”, but too late- the Configuration starts shifting on its own, the music-box tinkling starts playing, the bells toll in the distance, and the walls crack & shift with a pale blue light seeping from the cracks.
Meanwhile, I’m tensing up waiting for the Cenobites- fortunately, that’s where the dream fades out.

Go easy on me, folks. This is so incredibly corny.

When I was ten years old, I bought a book called “Birth of the Firebringer” by Meredith Ann Pierce. It was the first of a trilogy about… a unicorn. Well, a bunch of 'em, but one main one. And uh… over the years, I remembered that book. I really enjoyed it when I was a kid. I never did get to find out what happened, though, and that drives me mad. I have to know. If I leave off reading a cereal box, I* have * to know the answer to “What does Sonny go coo coo for?”

So, recently, my mother sent me a $200 gift card to Target for Christmas, with which I purchased a sewing machine and sewing notions. I had about $13 left over. After much perusing the Target website, and realising $13 doesn’t really go as far as I’d like it to, I happened upon that book. It was only about $6. Plus, the second book in the series was the same price. Well, okay - now I could buy the book (which I’d long since lost), plus the next book, so I could finally figure out what happened next.

Good God, I loved those books. Stupid unicorns. Damnit. Yesterday I went into the Secret Garden on Market Street and bought the final book.

I’ve been having the stupidest dreams. I turned into a unicorn. shrivels I run around telling everyone to check out my awesome new horn. I run across huge fields, and my hooves cringe make a loud babump babump babump. I can run really, really friggin’ fast. It’s like I don’t have arms anymore, they are forelegs, and I have no problem at all adjusting to this.

The fuck, man?

[sub]Stupid unicorns. Can’t stop reading. Think I’m a horse. Damnit.[/sub]

And what’s worse? I was watching the Seahawks game on Saturday… and everytime the players were congratulating each other, and knocking their helmets together? Oh, forget it. It’s so stupid.

[sub]Stupid unicorns. I could put you in a stable and ride you, motherfucker. That’s right.[/sub]

Thankfully, last night, I got a break, and my dream was about visiting Chaka Khan in her brand new house. I helped her move in. God Bless you for bringing me normal dreams, Chaka Khan.

I can’t remember this happening until this past month, where I’ve had two Lost related dreams. In the first, I offered Sahid a drink, then felt embarrassed when I remembered he’s a Muslim. The second was like an overblown episode, complete with the discovery of a giant underground temple thing.

I’d love a World of Warcraft dream. That’s a hint, subconscious.

Recently, Land of the Dead. Bigg Daddy and co. were bearing down on the Artic retreat and I was doing my best to flamethrower them away, with… not so good results.

Over the years, well… If you are going to have a reuccuring dream in which you are chased by someone trying to kill you, what better to do the chasing than a t800 endo-skeleton?

I got Gilmore Girls season one for Christmas, so lately I’ve had a couple dreams where I watch Rory or Lorelei walking around Star’s Hollow and chatting with other residents. Not much ever happens though.

Last week I dreamed I was Monica and my husband was Chandler (not very far from the truth). For some reason I was deathly afraid of ducks and he chased me down the street holding a duck above his head. The duck kept quacking and flapping its wings. It was really scary, but also funny.

The best movie dream ever was an entire episode of King of the Hill where Hank and Peggy get a huge rubber armadillo whose snout is some kind of sex toy. Bobby finds it and freaks out, but can’t talk to his parents about it. He tells Cotton, who has come to visit, about the armadillo (but not where he saw it) and Cotton goes into a spiel about great stripper joints he’s been in. It ended with a tender yet steamy scene in the bedroom, in which Hank and Peggy declare that it’s no-one’s business what they do in there. I think Bobby was warped for life though.

I have had several dreams about both Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel. Sometimes I’d dream about being a vampire, a Slayer, or some other character. Then there were those dreams in which I would walk onto the Angel set, start berating David Boreanaz about his acting ability, and then start making out with him. Alas, I always wake up from those dreams.

I also once had a highly disturbing dream that was a live-action version of Dragonball Z. Hands-down, the weirdest dream I’ve probably ever had.