What MST3K or Rifftrax episode was this?

I remember there was a scene that cracked me up, involving some people who knew each other encountering each other in, I think, a truck stop. They start chatting, all kind of talking at the same time, and Joel-or-Mike and the Bots act as though they are getting increasingly irritated by all the chatter, finally shouting “shut up, just shut up!” or something like that.

Does this description ring a bell with anyone?

Have to be more specific, that can describe many, many scenes from different films. But if the robots were involved it has to be MST3K.

Sorry, that’s as specific as I can be. I don’t remember anything else about it.

I’m pretty sure there were three people in the scene. But it may have been four. :wink:

Found it! It’s not actually much like how I remember it though!