What Names Do You Find Horrendous?

Inspired by this thread, and, more specifically, these names:

My justification: These aren’t even names! Besides, it’s too much of a “porn star” vibe for yours truly.

Um, yeah. So: What names have you heard used (not necessarily in the other thread) that you consider awful, terrible, horrendous things to call someone?

Aside from all those fake-y “African sounding” names like Lashiqua? How about Turbo, Gyro, and Pyro? What else could they be BUT American Gladiators?

I HATE people calling their children the same names as them. I find it obscene.

Geez, I hope RickJay from the thread linked to in the OP doesn’t hear you.

I’m gonna give this one a miss. Too good a chance that if there’s a Doper - or a DopeChild - with the names we crap on here.