WHat Natural Remedy to you believe in?

It seems to be all the rage nowadays to be taking some kind of ergogenic supplement to assist in the mainenance of “well-being” and “optimum health”.

SO what supplement or natural remedy do you currently scoff down regularly?

Myself: Multivitamin(Daily)
1500mg Vit C (Daily)
3000mg Gurana (Every other day)
1000mg Ginseng (Every other day)
and just about to start taking A musahishi “SLM concentrate” fat burner powder.

Am I alone in these habits?


It seems all the rage these days to post in the wrong forum and aggravate the moderators who would probably rather be enjoying the boards, ordering around their servants, having lots of sex, and teasing the peasants.

SO what forum have do currently mis-post to regularly?

Mudane stuff in GQ (Monthly)
Insults and profanity in GD (Every other day)
General Questions in the Pit (Daily)
and just about to start giving my opinions in ATMB.

Am I alone in these habits?

Bear_Nenno, I am foreveer seeing your name and stopping because I think that it is a post that I have submitted…your name is deceirvingly similar to mine, in my eyes that is.

In anycase, OB1, I will now listen to the force…which forum whould this have been more appropriately posted into?

I don’t know what post this should be in. Probably none. But you have not listed one “ergogenic” supplement. An ergogenic supplement is not for the maintenance of “well being” or “optimum health.” It is to increase one’s capacity to perform work. Creatine, for example, would be an ergogenic supplement.

Ooooh… I get to help a padawan…

First off, I know what you mean with the name thing. Some of my email has been bnenno@domain.com . That is VERY close. In fact, that is the only reason I opened the thread. I though, who is this guy!!

Anyway, though what you asked was a question, it is not the sort of thing that has one truthful, definite, researchable answer. A “General Question” as it pertains to this board is a question that, when asked, would get the same answer no matter WHERE you asked it or WHO you asked. If you asked it at school, in China, asked your brother, your cousin or your barber. They would all give you the same answer (provided it was the right one). Some may be more informative, but it is always the same answer.
This is just a good rule of thumb, I think.

So if you asked “How many chromosome pairs does a dog have, and could it successfully breed with my parakeet?”
That is a General Question. There is only one correct answer.

If you asked “Have you ever tried to make your parakeet and dog have sex?” - This would have many answers depending on who you asked. It is a poll. This would go in In My Humble Opinion.

Now, if you just wanted to say “I had an orgy today with my dog and my parakeet, boy am I exhausted!”- That would go in MPSIMS. Better yet… dont put that one anywhere!!!

I may have had my terms mixed up then, but will alter my OP to include any ergogenic supplement, natural therapy, nutritional supplement, nutraceutical, homeopathic treatment, chinese herb etc etc.

Oh… my last post may not have answered your question. I think that “SO what supplement or natural remedy do you currently scoff down regularly?” is a poll. It should probably have gone in IMHO since “This is also the place for polling.” :cool:

Cheers Bear,

I guess despite being a lurker/poster here for the last 18 months, I have yet to read the fine print.

Looks like there is more to the dope than “Dont be a jerk”.

Were you ever going to address the OP? Or just hijack one of my rarer-than-sex posts?

I understand that marijuana is an excellent natural remedy for lack of appetite and also for nausea.

oh… well I don’t take any vitamins (unless hotdog is a vitamin). Otherwise, I would have added my imput as well.