What news source do you use if not "Main Stream Media"?

If you want to add in your personal definition of “Main Stream Media” to clarify things, that would be fine, but what I want to really know is what specific news sources do you use in lieu of the “Main Stream Media” you don’t trust and/or hold in contempt?

I haven’t found one but I often do pay attention to guest speakers on major news net works.

I get almost all my news from PBS and NPR (and probably a lot from this MB, too). Not sure if those are considered MSM or not.

I used to get the paper every day, but they kept screwing up may auto-pay thing and so I told them to go take a hike. I still get the NYT every Sunday, as I’ve been doing since I was in college. That’s definitely MSM, but it’s one of the best reads in town!

the people I’ve met who held the mainstream media in contempt got all their news from fox news and talk radio.

PBS, BBC America as broadcast on PBS, erm, can’t think of the actual name of the program now, but Nippon News as broadcast on PBS and I watch all three of the Main Networks for the local news

Oh yeah, almost forgot, PBS:D

I used to listen to a lot of talk radio, because the local music radio market is totally lamestream media, but never could abide NPR and can no longer abide the national “conservative” talk radio personalities

I read a lot of different sources. I’ve got 12 permanent links under ‘news’ in my bookmarks folders.

I’ve found fark.com a great source to get links to different sources. Sometimes sources I’ve never heard of before, that I will check again from time to time. You just have to be firmly aware of all the trolling and humor in the comments.

I don’t read or watch Fox News or listen to talk radio. They’re pretty much scientifically proven to be the most biased and least honest sources around at this point. To the place where I know that people who cite those sources not only aren’t particularly well educated, but are usually spectacularly misinformed on too many subjects.

I thought “don’t trust Mainstream Media” was just a code for “Only trust Fox News & radio talk shows.”

In my RSS reader I have the main feed from memeorandum which does a decent job of aggregating sites of different viewpoints (and trustworthiness) from all over the internet. Varies from Reuters to NYT to Breitbart to tons of others.

I know some of it is crap, but I feel obligated to monitor the “cream of the crap” just to keep my finger on the pulse of the various factions out there.

Great link. Thanks for that.

I get most of my daily headlines from the Associated Press app.

I go into a trance and accept the news the universe sends to me…

OK, not really. NPR in the car, ABC News (network and the local affiliate) on TV, random links on line, tho I take those with a big grain of salt.

For international news, Aljazerra and the Financial Times are still both wonderfully classy:


also, I’ve got better on twitter and find it pretty rewarding now - but it is a process of follow and cull until you have a healthy spectrum of quality journalists

Meanwhile, people who don’t trust Fox News and talk radio get all their news from Mainstream Media.

See a pattern here?

Sure. You either follow real media, which is “mainstream”, or you don’t believe what the vast majority of actual news outlets are saying because for some reason, “mainstream” has become a slur and you only believe your alternate reality media.

No. Those are not the only choices.

What are the other ones?

I regularly read the BBC, Guardian, and the Telegraph. I often have a gander at France 24. My radio is tuned to Classic FM so I get Global’s news feed. I’ll grab The Times if it’s available. Lesser sources include Order Order and Biased BBC.

If you live in an economic system where all the opinions expressed are controlled by those that can afford to buy them, you can really only rely on sources that aren’t owned by them.

I don’t think it matters where you get your broad strokes knowledge of what’s going on but, if you re not willing to temper it with background from places like:

Counterpunch, "Tells the Facts, Names the Names


The Intercept

you are just accepting the BS they are peddling.

No matter on which side of the political divide you fall you will find plenty to make you uncomfortable, or reflexively deride, at either site.

If you get all your news from sources with the same worldview, you will conform to that worldview to the point that you don’t recognize it. If all of your sources of news tell you “anyone who isn’t saying the same thing we are is evil,” that might be an indication of their worldview, and you might take their news with a grain of salt.
Have you ever investigated the worldview of your news sources? You wouldn’t accept a scientific study in which all the scientists were financially connected to the pharmaceutical company whose drug they were studying. Why accept only the news from a source in which all donate money to the same political party (who, BTW they are supposed to be impartially reporting on)?