What news source do you use if not "Main Stream Media"?

Natural News is my go-to source for finding out what the crazy so-far-alt-right-it’s-practically-alt-left is promoting.

Otherwise, my main news sources include ABC News, whatever services my local paper is accessing (mostly the A.P., Reuters and N.Y Times), the Wall St. Journal, Forbes, the Guardian, NPR and other MSM Tools of our Overlords.

I get most of my news over in MPSIMS.

You don’t need to only consider outlets or stations as news sources. It takes time but you can develop a world class news feed on Twitter, following specific journalists often on specific issues.

It’s absolutely in your hands to not turn that into a personal echo chamber.

So, once a journalist’s piece is published for whatever organisation paid for it,the journalist will tweet ‘this is what I wrote for the FT,’ or the BBC, or aljezeera - each of those organisations is bradly objective so that’s middle ground reporting. You can obv. add left and right reporting as it suits - journalists who write for periodicals like the Economist, the New Yorker or the Atlantic. Other dailies like the (London) Times, etc.

There’s heaps of quality reporting out there.


Associated Press



Practically everything which you think is NPR because you hear it on an NPR station

FOX News





Deutsche Welle


The Guardian

The Grauniad

The Daily Mail


New York Times

Washington Post

Thank you.

Foreign Policy
The Economist
The Hill

I like AlterNet for when I want to see what kind of stuff the left is uncritically swallowing whole. I use BreitBart to look at the far right, although it’s so bad that it’s almost painful.

MSM = CNN, MSNBC, FOX, CBS, ABC, NBC, NPR, etc. Excepting the hurricanes, I haven’t watched them at all since the election.

I time-shift (DVR) local news, and fast forward through most of it. I stop at anything immediately relevant to me (crime outside the bad areas of town, weather, traffic that affects my travel).

The only thing significant enough to concern me on a national scale would be bills where my representative’s likely vote disagrees with mine, then I’d write him about it. This type of thing filters in thru here or the local news.

I would love to see a mainstream news source that presents a column of easy-to-read headlines from top to bottom in one column, uninterrupted by photos, videos, commentaries, promos, clickbait, etc. Headlines that were actually composed for the site, which give a clue about the thrust of the item. And then a link to read the story, with a reference somewhere in the first ten or fifteen paragraphs that explains what the headline refers to, instead of the journalism-school posturing and disclaimers and attributions.

So far, I have found no such news site.


Channel News Asia

South China Morning Post

The Straits Times (Singapore)

(They all Do American/Western world news better than the mainstream media, in my most humble opinion!)

The best thing I’ve found by far is the current events portal of Wikipedia. They have the fantastic virtue of not saying anything if there’s nothing to say. If it’s a slow news day they simply don’t have news. And NEVER a commercial.

They have nothing like the bias of Fox or CNN or PBS, but if you see news as entertainment you won’t care for it.

I’ve also been surprised at how often they beat the networks to a breaking story.

For local news I use Google’s aggregator.

I’m sorry, I meant Fox or CNN or NPR. We don’t get PBS here so I can’t comment.

So, quick question: Is CNN literally the only mainstream news source, in the minds of Dopers? Is everything else non-mainstream?

Google does a good job of scanning presumably thousands of worldwide news sites without creating any new ones of their own. They also seem to filter out the worst and parody sites, or at least flag them. Unfortunately, they lean heavily on NY Times, WSJ, LA Times, and those are all paywalled. There are ways around paying, but it just adds an extra step, so I often avoid those sites first.

Fox News and talk radio are also “Main Stream Media”

They used to be. Not any more.

Nope, they’re Alternate Reality Media. Regular checks on Fox News continue to show that considerably less than half of what they say is truthful. If you can dismiss those reports, continue to watch them and consider them a mainstream or primary source of news, you are making a conscious choice to turn your back on reality and the truth.

I agree with you 100%. And I say exactly the same thing about CNN.

Except that CNN doesn’t have a demonstrated record of being so untruthful, nor is it owned by a company that has deliberately established it as an arm of a political party.

I’m sure you are sincere, but to me your reply indicates you’ve been exclusively drinking your own kool-aid.

I don’t have a dog in this race. From where I sit it looks like they’re both trying to knit with one needle. I guess watching them would be an interesting pastime if you like getting worked up about things, which I don’t.

I don’t actually watch TV news. I may check CNN.com from time to time, but I don’t consider them my top news source.

Let’s stay away from potentially insulting remarks about kool-aid, eh?