What online multiplayer game should I get?

I’ve got Starcraft.

And I am planning to get a comp. game tommorow,any suggestions?

Star Wars Galaxies. (If it’s out yet. I haven’t been keeping track)
It’s an Everquesty type of game, based in the Star Wars mythos. Looks to be excellent.

Unreal Tournament 2003, Unreal 2- The Awakening, Tribes 2, GTA 3, and Starcraft Broodwar along with Warcraft 3!

Woah, slow down.

I don’t have enough money for all of them. I’m looking to buy one game, and hopefully why I should buy it.

Well It depends are you looking for a game you can play offline as well or a dedicated multiplayer game like ever quest ultiuma online ect

If your looking for a serious dedicated game online theres everquest ultima online dark age of camelot the soon to be released sw galaxies motor city online which is racing anachary online ww2 online sims online and others

Personally I’d go with ultima online and everquest in the above category note thery have subscription fee

Now if your looking for a normal pc game that has multiplaer capatibilies theres half life the unreal tournament games almost all fps or rts games even some rpgs ie diablo 2 ect have multiplayer capatibilities
On that its a matter of personal taste

What genre do you want? First person shooter? RPG?

Everquest is the reigning champion of RPG. Depending on where you are in the EQ world, the graphics can be a bit dated. In general, the “old world” - ie, the first part of EQ to be released, looks dated, whereas the new expansions look pretty damn good. They bring out expansions at the rate of 1 or 2 a year, so you have plenty of new stuff to play with.

I don’t play a lot of FPS, so I don’t know a lot about them. I have Battlefield 1942, which is a semi-FPS. It seems pretty good.

Star Wars Galaxies comes out on April 15, IIRC. It looks like it’s gonna be pretty damn good.

If you are wanting a MMORPG (seriously huge, can only play online game) I would wait until the middle of March for Shadowbane, or the middle of April for StarWars. My reasoning is this: When you start the game with everyone else, you make friends easier, and you are all figuring it out together, you have people to level with, and you don’t get in groups where people are telling you the “right” way to do things because they have high level alts. Both games are going to be really fun, slightly different play, but you just have to pick whether you want to play in the ever changing past (Shadowbane) or the evolving future (Start Wars)

Half-life. If you only have the money for one game half life will last you much longer than anything else. There are a ton of good mods for Half-life which are more popular than lots of other games by themselves. It also has a great singleplayer side. I don’t know what your system specifications are, but you can also probably run half life.

I’d suggest against MMORPGS because they have a habit of looking good and turning out to be crap. It is always a bad idea to base your expectations on the hype of a game.

Well, if you liked starcraft you should like warcraft 3. I don’t have it but have played it at some friends houses. It takes a lot of the annoying micromanaging and has features which slow down the rushes. Also it adds heros that you can develop (apparently they were going to go whole hog on RPG but backed off). It also has an auto-select on Battlenet so there is no long drawn out search for opponents (to me the BIGGEST improvement).

Oh, and it is super cool to watch battles. :slight_smile:

I would only recommend Everquest if you are into spending mind numbing hours building a character and online socializing. Blech, IMHO. Better to join a local D&D club.

I guess “auto-select” should be “auto-match”, basically you say what type of game you are willing to play and b-net finds someone else looking for same.

like i said beofre: most likely Tribes 2! (you work with other 60 players and protect your base and the graphics are awesome…if you have new equipment that is. go check out www.tribes2.com and see the screenshots and stuff)

Motor City Online is now kaput. They are closing the service.

Warcraft 3. It is a lot better than Starcraft, believe it or not. Which at one time I didn’t think was possible. :slight_smile:

There is no monthly fee (bnet is always free) which is why I’d take it over EQ or UO or some other pay-MMORPG. Be careful though- I was HOOKED on it, now I don’t play it at all because it is too damn time consuming.

if you like starcraft and haven’t gotten broodwar yet, GET IT!!

it’s way cheap by now, and you can take your time to select another game from the list above :smiley:

I’d say everquest, if you have a lot of time to play and don’t mind a 10 dollar subscription fee a month. Have been playing it for about 2.5 years… Great game.

Assuming you have a high-end computer: Battlefield 1942. A very good team-based first-person shooter, with various maps based (loosely) on real World War II battles, in addition to your standard Sniper, Assault, Rocket Launcher, Medic, ect classes, all the vehicles on the maps are drivable, from jeeps and tanks to airplanes, all the way up to battleships and aircraft carriers. This game is insanely fun.

If you don’t have a high end computer, I second the reccomentdation for Half-Life. Not only is the game itself very good, it is cheap, will run well even on older hardware, and it has a huge number of mods. Counterstrike, Day of Defeat, Natural Selection, and Team Fortress are just a few of the many great mods availible for this game.

I play an off-road racing game called 4x4 Evolution 2, made by terminial reality. It has a small but dedicated multiplayer community. It is much eaiser to get up to speed with a smaller community than one of the hugely popular games. The game itself is probably only average in realism but more than makes up for in the realitive ease of adding player made tracks and player made vehicles. It is not the easiest game to find anymore but its well worth it, and it should be cheap. :slight_smile:

Well, because you mentioned Starcraft in your post, I think I can assume you prefer strategy games. If this is the case, then you can’t go wrong with Warcraft 3. However, I have gotten bored of the game personally as it becomes very repetitive and ruitine once you find the ideal build order for each race. That is the main problem with the game, IMO. I recently bought Age of Mythology and this game seems to be much more open ended in that you have many different options at the beginning of the game that all work equally as well. I am really enjoying it, as I too am a real big strategy game fan. I also hear that Command and Conquer Generals is supposed to be a pretty good game, although I have never played it.

As far as first person shooters go, you just cant beat the Counterstrike mod for Half Life. The game play is about as addicting as the genre has to offer. Plus, as someone had said in an earlier post, Half Life’s single player is incredibly good, even by todays standards. (Especially considering the game came out way back in 1998)

Good luck

Really depends on your tastes. If it’s online war-type stuff you like, I’d certainly second Battlefileld 1942. It’s outstanding. I also like Counterstrike, which is a free Half-life mod.

My favorite, non-multiplayer game is an older one, but one which I have played probably 3 times, from the late Eidos. Thief: The dark project, and Thief II: The metal age. A little different in the sense that you try to stay in the shadows and NOT kill anyone (if you want to play that way). I love it.

Having said that, I also recommend: Empire earth, Warcraft III, Dungeon Siege, and Black and White, where you can play God… kinda different.