What opens .mix format?

I took a picture to Staples today to get scanned onto disk, but the lady saved it as a .mix file instead of .jpg like I asked. What opens a .mix file? Is there anything that can convert it into a .jpg or some other usable format? Googling has left me empty handed.

It’s a photo program… Picture It, I believe.

Here’s a good site to learn about file extensions…


Yes, it’s a Microsoft Picture-It file. Once opened in Picture-It, the file may be exported as a .jpg

It’s a Microsoft Picture It file (Microsoft Image eXtensions) like Freiheit said. It is a proprietary format (unlike JPEG) owned by Microsoft and used in PictureIt! and PhotoDraw. Here’s a thread about it on another forum with help and suggestions about how to convert it. Basically, you need PhotoDraw (do they even sell this anymore?) or PictureIt since it’s not open source like JPEG. You might be able to get it to work by trying one of the suggestions in that forum. Good luck trying to figure this out. Even Irfanview can’t open it. :eek: