What optional things do you always get?

I’m just wondering what optional additions are good value for money, as well as curious about what people always spring for. It doesn’t have to be a separate item, it might be a deluxe version of the same thing. Things like:
Insurance on rental cars?
In car navigation?
Upsizing your fast food meal?
Extended warranties?
Exit row seats on airplanes?
Late check-out?
Octane 98 petrol?
Soy milk in your coffee?

For me, I always get pocketknives with locking blades. Normal blades seem too dangerous now. I try to get power screwdrivers with torque control. And I’m a sucker for backlit keyboards.

I know extended warranties are supposed to be a money grab, but my 1 year 4 month old iPhone just developed a problem, and I’m glad I got AppleCare.

Property insurance on moving vans. I’ve had some bad luck in this area, and if I buy the insurance, it’s covered with no hassle.

Power tools. I always get a better quality than I actually need, and never regret it.

Snow blower. I bought an expensive one that I used only one season . . . then decided it’s easier to pay a guy $240 to plow the driveway for an entire season.

99 flake.

Hot peppers. On anything I can.

Sprinkles on ice cream.

Cilantro and onions on my tacos.

Extra cheese

Early boarding on an airplane. I’d buy it if they offered it on the Acela too. I am an impatient person and I just want to get into my seat and let the plane fill up around me.

Some restaurants offer sides and then have a few premium sides for a buck or two more and I’ll often spring for the premiums!

leather seats on new car purchases.

Flying, I go for direct flights over ones with stops. Might cost $20-40 more, but well worth it.

and side salads. :cool:

Bacon or extra bacon.

V6 and heated seats in cars. I don’t care for other bells and whistles, but those two are niiiiice.

Lemon for my iced tea.

Ditto, also on Uhauls.

Toilet paper.

I think it’s been discussed on the board what you get if you buy the 99₵ rolls.

ETA: Q-Tips too, rather than generics.

I always get nail clippers with nail collectors. I can clip my nails anywhere without the clippings going everywhere! I introduced my friend to them and she’s sold too. Speaking of nail clippers, I only get good ones after I got a Wenger one that was appallingly flimsy and had a gap between the cutting edges.

The highest possible level of warranty for any computer I buy. I spilled soda on a Dell once and completely wrecked it–having upgraded to the 3-year warranty with accidental damage protection wound up paying for itself 4x over. I refuse to stop eating and drinking around my computer, so that’s the tax I pay for peace of mind.

I also got a service plan on a $22 Sears iron once, still not sure why. The salesclerk must have been flabbergasted that anyone would be that daft.