What ordinary things gross you out?

For example, I’m completely icked out by detached hairs. Even if they’re mine. It’s 40 times worse when they’re wet like in the bathtub drain or on the bathroom floor. It makes me gag. Which is odd, as I wanted to be a hairdresser when I was growing up.

Also, wet food. Ack!!! I can’t wash dishes unless I’m wearing rubber gloves and even then it heebs me out. There’s nothing more disgusting than used dishwater.

In other family weirdness, my younger brother can’t put a sock back on once he’s taken it off. Even if he’s only worn it for a couple of minutes.

What about you? What normal things gross you out?

This isn’t exactly the same, but I can’t stand to touch sand paper or hear it being used. Just the thought of it makes my hair stand on end. Also, I can’t stand emory boards for the same reason.

Wooden ice cream paddles. They are so groooosssss. If I see someone using one, I have to go get them a real spoon.

I HATE wooden popsicle sticks. I can’t stand the feeling they create on the tongue when licked.

Fluffy toilet paper or paper towels make my teeth chatter. I like a fuzz-free paper.

I have a hard time handling raw meat. I’ve taken to wearing latex gloves when I make hamburgers. It is so much better!

Walking into those really, really fine spiderwebs that seem to appear a lot between plants, bushes or trees. God, I hate that. There probably isn’t even a spider present, but the feel of that web skeeves me out.

Anything gritty. I can’t stand chalk, clay, mud (only cause it dries), emery boards or anything else that feels gritty. I hate them but often touch them.

My one verbooten is feet. Don’t let your feet touch me (any part of me EVER) and I promise to never ever ever touch your feet.

Feet are ewwwwwwwwwwww.

Dried mussel.

They look like cockranches to me.

Babies. So gross.

Flies. I ordinarily don’t ick about bugs, but the family Muscidae would be the ugliest little fucks in Og’s creation even if they didn’t have to puke to eat.

Bananas. People, these are not fruit, these are cloying, fibrous vegetable pus.

Spitting in public. Especially when the person makes thats “Hooooghkkkk-pthew” sound when doing it. Totally disgusting.

People talking in a gravely, phlegmy voice instead of clearing their throat. I cannot have a conversation with someone like this.

Ladybugs, and asian beetles.

Can’t you just imagine what a cockranch would look like? I bet you’d have to get up at dawn to milk them. And the itty bitty brands you’d have to use!

I worked with a woman who exhibited Phlegm-Speech all the time. GOD! Just stop and listen to yourself. CLEAR YOUR THROAT.

I have a great dislike for rubber/latex products being around when I am eating. :shrug: Even ordinary things like balloons and rubber bands can squick me out at mealtime.

Cold meat. Everyone in the world, it seems, likes deli sandwiches except me. I’ll get a turkey-swiss only if I can microwave it.

Bleaagh! I’m so with you on that one but have never heard it put so eloquently. My best friend used to eat frozen, chocolate-covered bananas. Some things even chocolate can’t make palatable.

Loose teeth are revolting to me.
I’m dreading the time (probably in the very near future) when my son’s permanent teeth start coming in.

4 Newspaper paper - the feel of it makes me feel sick (oh God I’m gonna puke!)

3 Anything sticky (price labels falling off, charity stickers etc) (my stomach’s churning)

2 Cats - devil animals (oh it’s coming!)

1 Plasters (Elastoplast etc) germs, dirt - (SPEW!)

Eggs. I cannot stand the smell or taste of eggs, they disgust and repulse me.

I wonder if you have to do the whole ranch thing or if you can maybe do just a rooftop version. And do you have to saddle and break them or do they just roam free?