Textures that you find unappealing

I bought a new pair of nail clippers that were highly-rated on Amazon. Unfortunately I didn’t notice that they’re brushed nickel, and there’s something about the texture of brushed nickle that I find really unpleasant. Not so much that I can’t use them, but just like… it’s gross to pick up. I don’t know why.

Any textures that you find unappealing in this way?

Some newspapers start to make me borderline nauseated if I handle them too much. Like when I crumple them up to wash my car windows.

I am not fond of almost any fabric that is not cotton or a cotton-blend directly touching my skin.

Velvet. Ugh.

I don’t like the feel of new, stiff denim. Let me break them in for a few days and they’re fine but brand new jeans always bug me.

“Ripstop” type BDU material pants with stain resistant coating. Feels like wearing plastic. I’ll take the stains.

The feel of furry peach skin on my lips. Very much a nectarine man.

Jellied eels.

The inside of sweat pants makes my skin feel icky.
Oh, and micro fiber cloth. Hate that crap!

I hate it when the cats’ mushy food accidentally touches my skin when I feed them.

Much as I like the taste of smoked or pickled fish, there’s definitely a limit on how much of the texture I can take.


Gummy candy (bears, worms, etc).
Jellied eels inside my sweatpants.

Wood, if it’s not perfectly smooth.

Crayons - either the bare wax, or the fuzzy paper they wrap them in.

There are two kinds of paperback book covers: smooth and shiny, and textured and ‘matte’. I hate the latter.

Beckdawreck beat me to my cringeworthy favorite. Microfiber. It snags on every tiny bit of rough skin it can find and there plenty more than one thinks. Yet, I can’t resist feeling microfiber every time I see some in a store. Why must I do that?

Tongue depressors and those wooden spoons that come with the little cups of ice cream you get at the store. Or at least used to. Wood should not go in one’s mouth.

amaguri, perhaps you could coat parts of your nail clippers in Plasti Dip. It’s cheap and handy stuff.

Gah! Wood’s bad enough on the skin, but in the mouth it’s awful. I haven’t had a Popsicle in decades due to this.

I also dislike the fibrous paper sticks used in things like suckers. They’re bad enough dry, but doubly nasty wet and soggy.

galvanized metal. it’s creepy feeling

How about when you have really dry hands and you go to turn a page in a book? Brrrr…

Ooh that’s a good one! Digging through a bin of bolts or washers or grabbing a handful of nails from a box…ecch.

“Eugh, porcelain!”
-Guybrush Threepwood

For me it’s biting into a peach or nectarine that you are 99% sure is a loose stone and discovering it is a clingstone.

So very much! Everything about it disgusts me so much so that I have a designated plastic spoon for dishing it out, as I will not, NOT I SAY! have my regular silverware touch it. If I get it on my hands I imagine I can still smell it hours later.

If this isn’t limited to touch, the way a pear feels when being chewed is unbearable to me, which is a shame because I love the taste of them. And don’t get me started on creamy things.Aside from dessert type things like custard or actual ice cream, creamy texture is repellent to me.