Things you hate the feel of

Dry, dirty potatoes, anything with icing sugar on. In fact anything that has a small granular, dry dusty texture makes me shiver… breeeuughhh!

Whats yours? (or am I a complete freak?)

corn flour
cotton wool
eating green beans
squeaky sand

Since my scuba days, when I attempted to lift a drowning victim (corpse had been in the water for some time), I really dislike handling cold, wet, soggy, stuff.

Second to that, I dislike the sticky feeling working w/fibre glass resin gives the hands. The gloves are great, but that sticking of the fingers to everything is truly yucky!

Sticking my hand into a dark place looking for a lost object and FEELING SOMETHING MOVE!


[sub]Not that kind of wood, you perves![/sub]

No, really. I hate the feel of a wooden spoon or other wooden kitchen utensils. Especially when washing them, and they’re wet! Gah, I cringe just thinking about it. Gimme plastic anyday.

Etched glass.

Yah. Just typing that gave me the willies.

Really dry towels, and cotton wool. Makes me shiver like an eskimo!

Gee, I thought I was the only one. Especially those little wooden paddles you get to eat ice cream cups with. I carry a plastic spoon in my purse and, if anyone in the office is eating ice cream with a wooden paddle, I will make them use a real spoon.

They just make me cringe.

Toilet paper when I’ve just cut my finger nails.

Paper towels. Ugh.

Wet newspaper. I have a horror of wet newspaper. In Room 101, they will cover me in papier mache.

Ditto on paper towels, especially on dry teeth. (shutter)

Hacking in the morning after smoking to much allways sucks too.

Dry burning eyes from spring hayfever allergies.


No, how about satin sheets? Yech.

And put me down for cotton wool, too. Can’t stand to touch it.

What makes me shudder the most is being barefoot on a tile floor that hasn’t been swept!

In Room 101, they’ll papier mache me and make me eat floor sweepings.

A co-worker has that distaste for the feel of wooden spoons - I’d never heard of it before.

I can’t think of anything that you could expect to run into everyday that I don’t like the feel of, but I remember distinctly NOT liking feeling my daughter kick and move around while she was in the womb. My ex-wife took my hand once and put in on her belly while the as-yet-unborn Lilly was rolling around and that just felt really odd to me. I didn’t enjoy it.

Styrofoam. shudders

The touch and sound of it makes me shiver like mad. Not sure why, but it does.



But MachV - I am with you on the unswept floor tile! Its that dustiness again!

But more to the point what possible reason can a person have for not liking the feel of something?

The vibration/hum that my truck tires make when going over a bridge that has an open grillwork.


I can’t stand to touch anything cold.

I’ll get a basket at the grocery store, even if I’m not buying anything but a pint of Haagen-Dazs or a quart of milk.