What other message boards do you belong to?

I belonged to a wedding board while I was planning my wedding, and when that was done I kinda strayed onto the life/babies board that was associated with it. When it went belly-up, several new boards spun off from it, and at one time or another I’ve been a member of most of those. I’m currently only active on two of the other boards.

I post both here and Cabela’s Iditarod Forum .
I read but rarely post at Fark.com .
I used to be very active at AppraisersForum.com
I also post on a strictly work forum but ya’ll can’t have that link…


I post a little on NADS, the UK SDMB spin-off, and on 2 or 3 EZBoards on specific authors. I actually used to post on the VALIS board Aesiron mentions but I’ve not been there for ages…

The other boards I post at are all motorcycle related:

Adventure Rider is about off-road/dual sport riding.
Stromtrooper.com is a brand-specific board for the Suzuki V-Strom. I’m a mod there, too.
Sport-Touring.net focuses on sport touring (i.e. “triple-digit sightseeing”).

I lurk at Fark and read religiously, but rarely post at bigsoccer.com Bigsoccer is a freaking godsend for American soccer fans.

I’m probably near 1000 posts at BigSoccer, where I just post as Shibb, almost exclusively in the USA forums.

Only a couple of boards that I can’t link to here as it would violate SDMB rules.

And disgust most people.

I think we’re on the same boards.

I read bitterwaitress, etiquettehell, and two true crime/murder/prisondeathrow message boards that i’m just not going to name for reasons of my own

Something Awful

I participate in the Best Oscar board during AA season, but I don’t post year-round like others do.

That’s about it, though.

None but this one now. I got tired of the extremely juvenile computer game board I posted on (I know, imagine that) and my favorite reading-related board underwent a massive and disastrous reorganization that made me no longer enjoy it.

I’m sure your expertise in murder is very useful on those boards.