What Other Musicals Should Get the Network Live Treatment?

I’d love to see Fiddler on the Roof, Chicago, and West Side Story.

I’d enjoy seeing Rent.

Jesus Christ Superstar.

It could be a (Super) Star Studded Easter Spectacular!

I’d love The Drowsy Chaperone, but it’s not popular enough to be considered.

I wonder how it would go over now since it shows Judas in such a sympathetic manner.

While I enjoy The Fantasticks, I can’t imagine national TV doing the Rape number these days.

Camelot, Man Of La Mancha and A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum are all possibles.

Les Miz, Avenue Q, Mama Mia.

I thought I read somewhere that one of the networks was considering “The Music Man”. Could work with the right Harold Hill.

Paint Your Wagon.

NBC did a version (no live) back in 2002 with Matthew Broderick (who probably wasn’t right for the part).

I’d love to see Avenue Q, but I doubt any broadcast network would be willing to air it. “My Girlfriend Who Lives in Canada” alone would be a dealbreaker.

“High School Musical” It’s been a decade since the first came out and ABC/Disney has a new generation to brainwash and 18-35 to get nostalgic for the good old days.

Maybe cable could get into the live musical game. TBS? AMC? FX?

That musical is over 40 years old, I think people have had enough time to get used to the idea.
It’s even done AT churches now.
I’m actually kind of surprised Hamilton hasn’t been talked about. I think if they held off another year it could be a insanely popular.

When the album came out, “National Review” said the Judas character was the perfect liberal. They loved the portrayal of Herod and the apostles song was perfect Gilbert and Sullivan. What they didn’t like was portraying Jesus as too whiny.

I’d vote for Man of La Mancha because it’s a beautiful score and the movie version was terrible. I’d cast Brian Stokes Mitchell, whose Broadway cast album is my favorite…

The movie version of Fiddler is near perfect but I’d love to see it as a big budget stage show.

The Mendes Cabaret needs to be preserved (there’s a BBC version, but it wasn’t definitive). I also think it’s time for the right singer/actor to reinvent Henry Higgins.

The Gospel of Judas gained huge news a few years ago when a more complete version was shown, and it portrays him in a sympathetic manner.

I’d vote against a TV version of JCS, though, because it has two decent screen tellings.

Lady in the Dark would be fun to see; it has a wonderful score, the potential for colorful settings, a demanding role for the lead actress, and a film version that didn’t do it much justice.

The negatives are that not many people have heard of it, and certain plot elements (psychoanalysis, gender roles) will seem dated, even sexist. Making it a 1940s period piece could help, but it still wouldn’t be everyone’s cup of java.

How about The Phantom of the Opera?

Oooh, Chicago. I wasn’t a big musical fan, but I liked the film version. Seeing it live would be crazy! :slight_smile:

Enjoyed Moulin Rouge too, but I’m not sure the general public liked it enough to want to see a live version. :smiley: Was it a true musical though, or a film with musical numbers? I don’t know how you tell. :o

South Pacific – bonus for doing it on an actual tropical island.

Another vote for Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum. Nathan Lane could even reprise his role!

Wicked. Please.

Very nice choice.