What p.c. games are you addicted to?

I Snood while waiting for the message board to download. I Snood when I am talking on the phone. I Snood a lot. It was so bad I gave up Snood for Lent.

Anyone else Snood? If not, what games are you addicted to?

Currently, none, but there was a time when I played so much Civilization (1, 2 and 3) that my dreams were backlit by railroads.

What’s Snood?

I play Civ2 quite a bit. Used to be hooked on Warcraft and Warcraft 2.

Dark Age of Camelot and Diablo 2, mostly.

Diablo and Diablo 2 most of all, but I’m also fond of Planescape: Torment and I’ve discovered that I REALLY suck at Starcraft. Can’t wait for Warcraft 3, though …

Diablo II
The Might And Magic series
Final Fantasy
My taxes

Europa Universalis II
Return to Castle Wolfenstein
Ultima 6

Those are currently my top three. Diablo II was recently edged out to fourth place.

I used to Snood. But I got tired of it eventually.

I play Diablo 2 a lot, though.

Snood. I bought it. Getting kind of burned out on it. Play a lot of cribbage, off and online. Ranked as high as 14th in the MSN Gamezone. Still play a little with my NASCAR racing game, used to be totally immersed till a few months ago. Occasionally play Sierra Golf. Play Bagara and Wari at least once a day.

Civ III, Spider Solitaire (very useful when I’m bored), and Word Yacht (from Hoyle’s Word Games), lately.

When I had more time, I played a lot of SimCity (Classic, 2000, and 3000), The Sims, Rollercoaster Tycoon, and Incredible Machine.

I bought Black & White, but have hardly played it yet. Mostly because my (USB optical) mouse (on Windows XP) is temperamental, and I’m afraid of it going out on me in the middle of something - that game is so mouse-oriented that I’d be afraid to be without it.

Nethack. Go to 12 step Nethack meetings regularly. “My name is FtG and I’m a Nethack addict.” You can stop playing Nethack but you still have the disease.

Pictures and sounds are for simple minded people. Character-graphics is all you need.

Baldur’s Gate II and Hearts, especially since I’ve figured out how to play the latter networked with my sister.

My latest addiction was SimGolf. Now I’m playing a lot of Super NES and Genesis emu and eagerly awaiting returng home to my PS2 and Grand Theft Auto 3 (which comes out for the PC later this month).

Baldur’s Gate!!!

I just purchased Throne of Bhaal and I am totally addicted!! (Just like I was to the first 2!)

I cant get away from Fallout2, counterstrike, teamfortress classic, and day of defeat. Damn you game developers, you should never make such good games/mods!

My answer is in my name :wink:

On my work peecee - just Minsweeper. God I LOVE that game! It’s the only thing that makes windoze bearable.

On my beloved ibook - I am addicted to anything Spiderweb Software puts out.

Civ 2 and 3
The Sims
Creatures 2 and 3

There are other games, like Sim City 3000, that I trot out every now and then, but the ones listed above are the real deal. In fact, trying to remember when I last played Sim City 3000, I think it was in September. My last act as mayor was to install both towers of the WTC in my city as a tribute, and then I ran out of hard drive space and uninstalled the game.

I love the Sims…and all the expansions for the game. I’m glad to see others on this board do too!

I have never been so addicted (Age of Kings was close) to any other game.

The sims
Civ II and III
Max Payne
Warcraft II