What Percent Are You?

Enter your household income and see how you rank in 344 zones across the country.

See What Percent Are You? - Interactive Feature - NYTimes.com
Once you have your score, now complete the poll.

Bottom 34%. :frowning:

OTOH…could be worse! :slight_smile:

Top 10%, although I’ll note that in Michigan we rocket to the top 3%.

I wonder how this would translate in Canada where I actually live and I believe the cost of living is higher?

Wait, do you count the score country wide? Or in the region we live in? Because I get different numbers for each.

Dangit! I thought this was pretty I was.
I voted in top 10%.

Because, well, the girl who turned me down last night said I was.

I suggest using the national numbers. Se the map legend.

Bottom 41%.

A little over 3 years ago I was in the bottom 17% (working full time) so I’m not complaining.

Nationally, top 5%, Locally (Texas) top 7%.

This surprised me, I would’ve expected the reverse.

Top 25% nationally, but I know it’s much less for my area. I can’t get it to work locally to confirm my suspicions, though.

Bottom 44% nationally.

Bottom 39% in my area.

Bottom 36% with the currency converted, but that probably puts me a lot lower in Europe. I think?

I’ve been in the bottom 10% for the last three years, but now that things are looking better, we’re moving on up to the bottom 29%! Woo-hoo!

It looks like there isn’t a poll option for that. How is someone who’s in the bottom half but not the bottom 25% supposed to vote?

Bottom 46%.
But there doesn’t appear to be a poll option for that.

Psst. If you are not in the top 1%, it doesn’t matter.

I picked Top 50% above, but it comes out more around Top 35% for Maryland. I’d drop down into the Bottom 50%, however, if I moved closer to downtown DC.

Top 10% regionally, top 7% nationally.

Top 4% nationally, top 8% in my metro area. The only way we could do worse is if we moved to San Francisco, where we’d be top 12%.

Top 25% nationally, top 15% in Michigan.

Correction, we’d also take a hit in DC, where we’d be in the top 10%