What percentage of non-black men you know use "n-word"?

I don’t know whether this poll was done before. Just as the title say, what percentage of non-black men you know use “n-word”?

There is another poll following for female percentage.

Large percentage of the white men I know use n-word… particularly and obviously when they are irritated even with things that has nothing to do with race. This is surprisingly true even with quite a few who’s opposed to the concept of racism and consider themselves liberal(!). I don’t know whether this is to be expected but way less with non-white/non-black men though. Yes, many of my friends from my childhood are n-word users.

BTW here is the female poll.

I know a few people who use it. I think mostly to get a reaction from me. The only time I use it is to tell people not to use the n-word, or when discussing a specific character from Huck Finn.

SFC Schwartz

In the female thread you clarified that you meant using it as a racial slur. So I’d again say ‘none.’

I only have students to consider, unless you count my 5 black friends (and no, that’s not quite fair).

Seems to be boys more than girls, but I can’t really say. Maybe I just notice it more from boys who are louder (class clowns, anger issues, whatever - the ones that don’t shut up) and the quieter kids use it too and I don’t hear it.

And…I have no idea if this is related to the n-word-is-okay-for-blacks-to-say, but today a large black kid buzzed to be let in the buildling. Not fat, just super tall and broad. The students saw it on the security monitor and said something about his size. They (the black ones) actually called him a gorilla. And not just any kind, but a ‘silver backed gorilla’.

I don’t know if that was ignorance or something I just didn’t understand, but I was quietly horrified.

edit: :smack: You said non-black. Sorry.

You mean you don’t know a single person, say, an auto mechanic or a customer for example who uses n-word instead of a person’s name or “black” or “African American”? Not one?

Well, I don’t know the percentages, but I know a ton of non-Black guys who use some form of the word, just not in the racial slur form.

I don’t.

No. Of course not.

Certainly not. The people I deal with are civilized and polite. Of course, they are mostly upper middle class professionals, such as teachers, engineers, scientists, doctors, etc.

Where (when?) do you live that you find that so surprising? I can’t recall ever hearing anyone say it (as a slur) IRL in my life.

I work in a professional environment where even the folks I suspect are somewhat prejudiced against blacks at least have the common sense to hold their tongues most of the time.

However, I have on occasion heard white guys using it around black friends/coworkers in a joking tone (think this scene in Shaun of the Dead). No one has ever complained that I know of, but personally, I think it’s in bad taste.

Now, when I was growing up, it was a different story - I grew up in Yuba City, in Northern California, full of Arkies and Okies straight out of a Steinbeck novel. I’d probably say that a solid 75% of the white adult males I grew up around used the n-word quite freely. I seriously grew up thinking that the n-word was just what you called black people, not knowing there was anything wrong with the word (especially since our town had few to no black folks living there at the time), until I had quite a rude awakening from my dearly departed Grandma. She heard me use it one day, and she slapped the shit outta me and told me to never say it around her again. And I haven’t said it since - if that word has such power to royally piss off a little old lady, I can’t imagine what the people it’s directed at feel.

Grew up in a typical white suburbia outside Chicago in 70s and still in and around Chicago.

In academic circles, I’d say no. But they are only one segment of the extended variety of people I know from all works of life.

A friend who moved to Georgia some 20 years ago since absolutely turned religious and a bigot not that I’m saying there are related in anyway; he was as far away from religion as one can be when he lived in Chicago.

A friend who grew up in Eugine, Oregon was always anti-black and used n-word regularly I found out; if you met him you’d never expect that until you hear him say it. He knows I don’t like it and he makes effort but I can see that only goes so far. He has many African American folks working for him and he has a few black friends. They don’t know how he really feels about them.

I once went to a party at a house of a friend’s friend right off route 1A on the other side of the beach in Ft Lauderdale. This black old lady who was at the beach with her family wondered into his half a football field yard looking for a public bathroom thinking his gigantic house might be a public park building or something. He chased that poor lady out cursing everything under that sun and called her f-ing n… These people hanging out there were all of the same ilk. Obviously I didn’t stay very long. I can’t be the only one to experienced these encounters in America?

We’ll see more responses we get but I’m certainly happy SDMB is NOT a place of bigots.

I’ve only ever known one non-black person who used it. He is also the only person I’ve ever known who it wouldn’t surprise me if he used it; he was a terrible person in many ways.

I know more than 20 people, so I rounded down to “none.”

If he can manage not to say it around black people, it doesn’t sound like he’s making much effort not to say it around you.

I sure haven’t. I’ve dealt with racist people of course, but nothing so blatant. I’m sure I’ve met people who have ever used the word, but not in my earshot (which would take some nerve if they know I have a biracial kid). I would be shocked if I heard something like that. I grew up expressly forbidden from dating black guys, and still my family would never use a slur.

I gave my effort to talking to him over last 30 years. He is a staunch republican. I gave him my spiel to the point he doesn’t have much to argue back. He no longer “talk republican” around me nor does he bother to argue with me about my point of view. This n-word thing is something other; that’s why I said it is something that’s ingrained in many generations ago. I see varying degree of the same from many American males regardless of how they theoretically agree with me when I lay it all out… it’s like a second nature.

Right, that’s your experience. That’s why we have a poll going… obviously it won’t represent a true cross section of “America” as this is, after all, “SDMB community”. But I thought the result of the poll and the discussion would be interesting.

One thing though, I thought there would be a huge difference between male and female poll results (hence the two threads/polls) but thus far, not so much!

Yeah, it’s an Americanism, so “Nigger” is only really used ironically in the UK.

I’ve joked around with it of course like in the video, though never use it around a black person.

Two words I’d never ever say, even when joking, is the K-word and the S-word as they have offensive power above and beyond their historical baggage. Their very usage potential perpetuates attitudes that African people are damnedly ignorant(k-word) or scary ghouls (s-word)

I voted none, but I discounted my late great uncle who used it in a joke he always told when drunk: “If a figger is a figger, what’s a nigger?” There was never a punchline. I believe the former part is saying of some sort. Other than telling me about the former names of some foodstuffs, I never heard that word from anyone else.

For someone who grew up in the former capital of the KKK (it moved a couple miles away, even though many people don’t recognize this) it often seemed odd how little blatant racism I was ever aware of, and how negatively I viewed racism while growing up. Perhaps that’s why it’s the former capital.

Oddly enough, correcting someone on the capital indirectly led me to this board. It got me to join another messageboard which later linked to a Straight Dope article.

I’d say 10%, which is way too bloody many. :mad: