What pet foods have NOT been recalled?

Another recall

The ASPCA is urging all pet owners make sure that their dog and cat food uses only US sourced protein suppliments.

Okay, so where’s the list?

Not the recall list…that’s already as long as my arm. Where’s the GOOD list?

Well I don’t know where to find the list you are looking for but I do know that Pedigree dog food is not part of any of the recalls. Its also sold in every store that sells dog food so it shouldn’t be hard to get a hold of.

With or without a list, one way to accomplish this is to check the ingredients list on the food packaging or the pet food company’s website for any suspect items. Then, also on the company website, check for a statement affirming that they don’t import their [insert name of adulterable grain-based protein substance here] from China and don’t have anything they sell made by Menu Foods et al.

Then take any such affirmation with a grain of salt, since some companies say the bad stuff was put in their foods without their knowledge.

I’m near to the point of making our pets’ food from scratch!

Obligatory post: If anyone should decide to formulate a pet’s diet from basic ingredients, please please consult a real veterinarian, preferably one that is actually board certified in nutrition.

There is so much misinformation aroun, the vet school I’m in is gearing up for malnutrition problems like we haven’t seen since the 40’s.

Excellent and timely point. Any tips on how to find a board-certified veterinary nutritionist?

While browsing one of the local chinese grocery stores yesterday, I ran across a can of fried wheat gluten “imitation abalone.” I laughed, and moved on. People should begin to think about their own diet a bit now that this problem has become so widespread.

AVMA link about recalls

The American College of Veterinary Nutritionists page on the food recall

The website for the ACVN

Probably a bit old, but at least a partial list of board certified veterinary nutritionists

Natura, the maker of Innova, California Natural, Evo, Healthwise, and Karma, has not been a part of the recall, and declares its products have tested negative for melamine and do not contain any non-US protein supplements.

No kidding:

Similarily for the Canidae/Felidae and Old Mother Hubbard/Wellness brands.

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And Merrick (we use the canned for the cats) and Fromms dog food. We rotate the dogs between Fromm’s, EVO and Canidae, and haven’t been hit by any recalls… yet.

I’d love some clarification on this point but I don’t want to start a debate about what to feed dogs and such. However, I am a little confused as to what kind of malnutrition problems you are referring to. Do people not know what to feed their pets without pet food? When and where I was growing up commercial pet food was almost non-existent and although not everybody read books on what to feed dogs and cats, I don’t think people screwed it up to the point of severe malnutrition.

What are you expecting people to feed their pets that the pets would willingly eat and would cause a malnutrition crisis? It’s not like dogs and cats will eat bread or pasta willingly or have my dogs just been really picky? :confused:

Call me a dittohead; should we start a whole other thread for that? I would very much like to know what the common malnutrition issues were, back in the day. Or maybe you have some good cites to point us to?

Wellness does not have any recalls. You can read about what they put in their food here. I’ve been feeding my dogs Wellness for years, and have been very happy with it even before the big scare.

We’re cooking for our dog.

Quite aside from the possibility of melamine and etc, she’s so obviously doing so much better on fresh food than she was on kibble, in so many ways, we’re never going back to commercial dog food.


We’re varying her diet. (Seems less likely that she’ll get hit with malnutrition deficits if she isn’t always eating the same thing). We’ve been advised to supplement with canine vitamins, and with calcium.

Dry Science Diet for cats seems to be okay.

The recall list is indeed large… aside from buying something not on the list, according to this faq:

Also, they appear to echew the use of ‘pet owners’ for the term ‘pet parents’. :dubious: :rolleyes:

My office carries Inova and Merrick, neither have been recalled and both are excellent foods.

I work at a natural food store and we carry Solid Gold, Wellness, Newman’s and Petguard lines.

Do you need a “good” list. Can’t you just go to the pet store and the stuff that is available on the shelves is probably the “good” stuff?
I know you want to be cautious and all but I’d think the pet stores checked and double checked to make sure the “bad” stuff isn’t on the shelf for sale.