What piddling thing is griping you at the moment? (Mini rants)

Right now I’m sitting in my shorts and T-shirt with two fans on me and a water shpritzer close at hand because the temperature is 88 degrees and climbing, even though the AC has been on for hours. It literally makes me tired. I know I should just get the AC fixed, but I can’t afford it. Griping is a lot easier. I hate this fucking desert!
What’s griping your ass at the moment? C’mon, let it all out!

I had to spend all last week in Florida on a work trip. I picked up a nasty cold on the plane back, sat inside trying to beat it all weekend, and am just now getting over it, in time to go to fucking Alabama for another work trip this week.

What’s griping me today is the thought of driving to work tomorrow. I drive down the last street in Tucson that still had a “suicide lane”… this is a reversible center lane, used one way in a.m. rush hour traffic and the other way in p.m. rush hour traffic. Except Friday was the last day for it, they turned it into a regular left-turn lane from now on 24/7.
So tomorrow I’m expecting lots of idiots to be trying to zoom down the center lane, and I’ll certainly be on the lookout for them.
Plus, I’ll no longer get to see the sign at the beginning of the “traffic control zone” warning us of an upcoming “Reserve lane” (typo of “reverse”)… that always made me giggle.

I am filled with an overwhelming dread that GWB will be re-elected. I guess that isn’t so piddling, is it?

I have to trim a hibiscus bush and I don’t want to. It obscures the view of the electric meter and the meter reader has complained. How’s that?

They wanted over $5.00 a pound at the grocery for cheap-ass storebrand cream cheese today. For that price I should be getting 4 year aged Schullsburg cheddar.

I’ve just been diagnosed with both carpal tunnel syndrome in my right wrist and a trapped ulnar nerve in the right elbow.

The CTS affects the thumb and first two fingers and the ulnar nerve takes care of the other two. This means that my whole hand is either dead or else has pins and needles, depending how bad it is at the time. Which kinda pisses me off.

Looking on the bright side of things; it does mean that I can have a wank and it feels like someone else is doing it, so it’s not all bad.

Girl I work with, quit calling me dear, especially when I’m older than you and don’t even know you. I think the use of the term ‘dear’ should be reserved to significant others and woman over the age of, oh, say, 60?

I’m a little bit scared about the Canadian Federal Election. I really don’t want Stephen Harper as my prime minister.

What’s griping me is that I didn’t get promoted at work, even though I was 99.99% sure I would be. We’re supposed to have feedback meetings every 2 months to monitor our progress. If our progress is sufficient, we get promoted. I haven’t had a feedback meeting in nearly a YEAR and they said I was just barely short of being promoted. :mad:

Now I will have to wait at LEAST two more months for my next meeting where I will hopefully be promoted by then…of course that’s assuming my meeting is not postponed for another year! :mad:

The fucking bitch in the Envoy on Friday afternoon when I was driving to Michigan who cut me off, and then forced me to slam on my breaks, completely ignored my horn, and THEN DID IT AGAIN!! I have never been so close to road rage - I was screaming words at her that I NEVER use. And I don’t scream on the road like that - but getting cut off twice by the same person in the same car rather pissed me off. She very nearly caused a four-car pile-up on the 94!

People who decide the week that we send out our wedding invitations that they’ve changed their mind and want to attend the wedding. We’re already at our capacity for our site and the whole reason we asked people two to six months ago if they would be attending so that we could make sure we couldn’t exceed our capacity! You can’t fucking change your mind two days before I send out the invitations, dammit! This involved me on the phone in tears with mr. avabeth on Friday at work sobbing “I HATE these people right now! I swear, for the amount of stress they’re putting me through in trying to get them on the invitation list, they’d better bring us a NICE fucking gift!” and “And I hate Mr and Mrs Smith! I’m not inviting them even if they did invite my parents to their daughter’s wedding! Their daughter’s a bitch and I hate the husband, and I’m not inviting people I hate to our wedding!”. (And this also involved me turning to my office-mate half-laughing, half-crying, and saying “I’m never getting married again!”.


My damn roommate decided to bring the A/C unit upstairs last night while I was out. He decided the best place to put it would be in between the front door and the nearest light switch. I got two lacerated and bruised shins and a cut knee. He said he didn’t think it would be in my path, even though it’s on the carpet runner that leads to the door. Pitch black and 100lb A/C units do not mix well.

Sometimes I hate that fucklicker.

Er, am I missing something, or does your damn roommate not have a basic grasp of thermodynamics? Is he the type that cools the room by leaving the fridge open? :slight_smile:

That my mother decided that I was going to my cousin’s wedding the beginning of next month - bought me a plane ticket and everything. Never mind that I didn’t get an invite to the wedding (now, my dad was invited, and he’s not going, so it works out even for the family).
It’s not that I mind going or that I don’t like my cousin, just the assumption that I was going, especially at a time when money worries are constantly hanging over my head. I’m unemployed (well, the 12 hour a week student job - like that will pay the rent for August. July is covered at least.), I have a massive job search going on, I’m stressed about all of it.

What I’d really like to do is curl up and ignore the world, but that won’t get me a job (note: it’s not a lack of energy, it’s not depression, just stress and frustration. I deal with it, I’ll get a job again, someday.).

Gees, I am a little embarrassed to say after that, I am peddled about “Mini Spiral Energy Saving Light Bulbs”. Well, they the made the minis because the regular size bulbs I bought would not fit in the lamp domes. But the minis do not fit in the same size domes as some of the fixtures :smack: . How long before I will have to buy super minis and then super micro minis. If you can make a light ball smaller in a stupid shape why don’t you make it as small as possible? And why would you produce a light bulb larger than the standard size of light bulbs. They should just say “Extra Large Energy Saving Light Bulb That Will Not Fit In Your Fixtures” on the box.

I’m pitting furniture that comes in a box. I moved out this weekend and had a list a mile long. I bought 3 items that needed assembly. I didn’t have a power drill. Oh the joy of turning a screwdriver for hours on end.

I also pit the carpet for giving me rug burns because I sat on it assembling the furniture.

While I’m on a roll, I pit 2 outlets that don’t work and the hot water heater. Oh, and the skuz-buckets who used to live here. Nasty, dirty people.

Ok, I’m good now, thanks for the mini-pit opportunity.

The hives! The fucking hives!!!

Oh, and my fucking soon-to-be-EX roommate. One more week - WHOHOOOO! - until the mother I never had is GONE.

In other news, I just love the word “fuck”. It’s a noun, a verb, an adjective… I love it!

Fuck, my first contribution to the pit and I forget to say fuck.

1,000 fucking apologies.

Saw some self-centered prick wedge his massive SUV into a parking space today that was clearly marked “COMPACT ONLY”

Since that clearly didn’t apply to his choice of vehicle, I can only assume that (a) his brain or (b) his genetalia met the requirement.

He just left it there because he can’t get it into the window. I guess his friend helped him carry it upstairs from the basement.

Fucking bastard tried to make it seem like my fault. :mad:

He’s none too bright also. he’s a :wally

The fucking Giants beat the Sox again today. Shit.

Sorry. My day went pretty well, so that is about all the ranting I can muster right now. :smiley:
Anti-rant on the same topic: Eric Gagne struck out A-Rod like he was a Little-Leaguer today in LA. Sweet!