What podcasts should I be a corporate sponsor of?

Hi - I’m looking to sponsor an established “story-based” podcast, and I’m seeking guidance from the teeming millions as to what podcasts might make sense? My plan was to generate a list, and then contact the podcast creators to get pricing.

Here is the background…

I run a service that lets people give a give a gift of phoned-in stories, memories, and well-wishes to someone celebrating a birthday, anniversary, or other milestone event. Friends and family of the recipient call in and talk about the persons qualities traits and talents, and what makes them uniquely special. The recordings can then be podcasted into iTunes or made into a keepsake CD set.

Because the service 1) revolves around recordings, 2) one of the delivery methods is iTunes, and 3) the service isn’t really well known and needs to be described, I thought sponsoring a podcast would be a good way of promoting it.

Here is my criteria:

  1. Ideally it wouldn’t be an NPR podcast. Programs like This American Life, and The Moth Radio Hour are a good fit, but I am finding that they are way above my budget. I’m looking for something where i would be able to sponsor several sequential podcasts, instead of blowing all my money on one episode. I think for my product, repetition of the description is important (since it’s a bit different).

  2. Ideally it is a podcast that appeals to adult women - as that is my main target market.

  3. Ideally the subject matter somehow ties into the product, whether the podcasts are story-based, touch on milestone events, or something similar.

So any suggestions? Thanks in advance!

I can see your service being worked in to “Stuff Your Mom Didn’t Tell You” from HowStuffWorks.com. But they may be above your budget - their podcasts (as a group, not that particular one) are pretty popular now.