What political blogs do you read?

Which of the political blogs are you reading to keep track of current political soap operas? How do you think they rate in terms of being objective or at least fair? Or do you visit the blog because they’re biased and it’s comforting to be reinforced in your opinions?

   After the last elections, I pretty much got disgusted with most of the blogs as they were rabidly partisan.   Eventually I settled on two somewhat polar opposites, Instapundit and Andrew Sullivan's blog (http://andrewsullivan.theatlantic.com/).     

Sullivan remains fiscally conservative, but supports a liberal social agenda. Instapundit is staunchly conservative with an occasional pro-gun theme. ( If Bricker had a blog, this would be it, in the sense of, here’s a intelligent, articulate guy who has thought long and hard about issues and has come up with answers that I personally find baffling and unaccountable.)

Of the two, I find Sullivan to be more reasonable and fractionally less biased. When Obama or Biden stumbles, Sullivan acknowledges it. He has been a bit of a one-trick pony on the subject of Palin, but this seems to be because he’s genuinely appalled by her selection and what it implies about McCain’s executive ability.

Instapundit often contains interesting and insightful links, but during election years he completely loses any semblance of objectivity. For example, this recent kerfluffle of McCain “suspending” his campaign rated only the merest mention while links to Obama’s relationship with Ayer were given signficant space. I’d be more impressed with Instapundit if I felt that he was doing something besides reflexively linking to conservative talking points. Especially as he and associated bloggers have adopted the somewhat smug sobriquet of “Pajama Media” – this would seem to imply at least an attempt at journalistic objectivity.

So I go to Sullivan’s site when I want to feel complacent and I go to Instapundit when I want to see what the Other Guys are saying in somewhat more eloquent terms than “Obama is the sukkor.”

So…who do you read? Should I read them too?

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