What Pre-Video Song Do You Think They Should Make A Video Of?

Inspired by the “favorite video” thread elsewhere, I thought I’d pose this to everyone. Some years ago, there was a very short-lived tv show (I can’t even remember the name of it now) which took older rock songs and asked various video directors to make videos for them. What songs would you want to see a concept/non-concert video for?

And yes, I know, there are “videos” and film interpretations for a lot of older music. Feel free to ignore or cite them as you see fit.

I’d post my own wishlist, but other than Paradise by the Dashboard Lights by Meatloaf, my mind is (of course) blanking on me. I’ll scribble them down as they occur to me and post them later.

– Bob

He Stopped Loving Her Today and White Lightning by George Jones

Big City and Working Man’s Blues by Merle Haggard might be interesting. Okie From Muskogee also.

Too many to list by Johnny Cash…

What? Rock songs? I dunno… Great Balls of Fire, maybe.

Revolution 9 by the Beatles (well, John & Yoko)

Well, this is slightly off-topic, but you’ll appreciate this, Mr. Blue Sky.

ELO is my favourite band. I had heard them growing up, and being young and stupid, had neither the wherewithall nor the desire to purchase music or even learn who was performing the songs.

Anyway, way back in the late 1980’s, I saw a video for “Twilight”, from ELO’s 1981 album Time. After pucrhaseing that album, I went on a rampage, getting A New World Record, Discovery, and a few others.

This video was neither made nor sanctioned by ELO or anyone connected to them. It was the fan-animated opening video to the DaiCon science fiction convention in Japan, held in 1983.

That’s the one that I wanted, and somebody did it. That “sombody” turned out to be the young folks who later formed Studio Gainax of Gunbuster and Neon Genesis Evangelion fame.

“Just on the border of your waking mind…”

Long time RGMWer and ardent AOLer

“What do you do with a drunken sailor?”

oh again. Rock songs?

Green-eyed Lady.
Cat’s in the Cradle.

Oh, that’s very cool. I’m just getting into Evangelion now, and Gainax has my great respect.

(They didn’t stop making films like that video, btw… I have a RealMedia file of a bizarre little thing they did to fuse Evangelion with Kodomo no Omocha, which they called (of course) Kodomo no Evangelion. Basically, they took the opening sequence from Kodocha’s first season and re-animated it with the Evangelion characters. They also did the same to the second season opener, but they filmed themselves in place of some of the animated dance sequences. Very very strange. But fun to watch.)

But I should not hijack my own topic… <grin>

A video I’d like to see: Stuck in the Middle With You by Stealer’s Wheel. And maybe The Lion Sleeps Tonight by the Tokens.

Yes, I grew up in the 1970s. Why do you ask? <grin>

– Bob

Mine, too! You can get their Wembley concert on DVD. It also includes videos for all the songs off Discovery. Unfortunately, the production quality leaves much to be desired. Ever see an ABBA video?

Time would make for some excellent animated (Japanimated?) videos.

I would like to see videos for:

*“Good girls Don’t” by the knack
*“Disco Duck” by Rick Dees
*“Rodeo” (you know, the one with the dirty lyrics)

“Kashmir” by Led Zeppelin. I know, fucking Jimmy Page sold his soul to Satan–or, Puff Daddy, and there is some shitty “Godzilla” inspired video to go with what used to be a cool song. But I’m talking original Led Zeppelin, in full '70’s regalia, singing “Kashmir” in Egypt. Perhaps with the Great Pyramids and the Sphinx as a backdrop?? KICKASS!!!

Ballad of the Green Berets

House of the Rising Sun

One Fine Day

At the risk of stating the obvious, all the Beatles singles were released before the advent of the pop video - indeed, before the advent of video itself - and many of their songs would make fantastic subjects for videos: “A Day in the Life”, “Eleanor Rigby”, “Lady Madonna”, “Penny Lane”, “In my life”, “Paperback Writer”. It’s true that in many cases the songs have some associated footage - either from their feature films or ‘performance’ films shot at the time - but that’s not quite the same thing.

And there are many classics for which nobody ever made a video as such: “Heard it through the Grapevine”, “Imagine”, “Tears of a Clown”, most of Stevie Wonder’s pre-80s output, and many early ELton John classics.

Personally, if I ever get stupidly throw-it-away rich, I’ll get a first-rate production crew helmed by a very experienced rock video director, give them a copy of “Dark Side of the Moon” and say, “Go make it”.

“Trick of the Tail” by Genesis is also very rich in visual allusions. Those who remember the beautiful sleeve of the original vinyl album can imagine having the resources to bring that to life in video terms… wow!

Just for fun:
“Little Red Riding Hood”
“Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini”

Damn near anything by the Moody Blues. “On the Threshold of a Dream” and “Nights in White Satin” could be amazing.

“Godzilla” by Blue Oyster Cult. About a dozen years ago, a TV station did a Godzilla movie marathon over a weekend and they had a cool bumper using this song. I thought it could make a cool video if it was stretched to the full length of the song.

Like I said, it did, and if you’re ever visiting fellow members of the Adams Family in the DFW area, remind me to show it to you.

“Here Is The News” makes me picture some bleak Blade Runner-esque future. I suppose the Bubblegum Crisis guys already have a pretty good handle on animating that.

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Jimmy Cracked Corn (And I don’t care)

Then maybe I could figure out just what crakin corn is.

Here ya go: Who is Jimmy, and why does he crack corn?

I don’t know if there’s a video for it or not, but I wish I had the money to produce my own video for “High Speed Dirt” from Megadeth. That song plays more like a movie than a song in my head.

For old songs, I agree with whoever said “House of the Rising Sun”. I know there are others I’ve wished had videos, but I can’t think of them. grrrrr…

ME-262 by Blue Oyster Cult.

Trouble Comin’ Every Day by Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention. (The song’s as relevant today as it ever was, too.)

[It was a] One-Eyed, One-Horned, Flying Purple People-Eater.

Helter Skelter by the Beatles. (Manson footage optional.)

Ianzin mentioned the Beatles’ “Eleanor Rigby.” It already did have its own video, in a sense, as part of the movie, “Yellow Submarine.”

Pipeline by the Shantay’s

I have the animated version of The Wall and I like it, but I would love to see a CGI version done with modern methods, ideally an immersive experience with goggles and stereo sound. The Dark Side of the Moon would be great too. Of course, each of those would make something akin to feature-length movies instead of just videos.

As for the Beatles, oh, let me count my favorites. :slight_smile:
[li]Yellow submarine[/li][li]Elanor Rigby (not a visual spectacular, just a nice precisely-done piece)[/li][li]Penny Lane[/li][li]Imagine (not technically a Beatles song, but it still would make for interesting viewing)[/li][li]Let it be[/li][li]The long and winding road (I always thought it would be a good animated piece, in the style of that video by Radiohead.)[/li][/ul]

That is a very short list. I’ll think of more later.