What present for neighbor's new twins?

I have no clue what to buy. I don’t know them very well, but I did get a birth announcement card and they are my next-door neighbors.

They got twin girls. If anyone’s interested, their names are Felicia Amelia and Gina Fabiola. :slight_smile:

Any suggestions would be appreciated muchly. Thanks.

If they celebrate Xmas, get two “Baby’s First Christmas” ornaments. Some of them are designed to hold a photograph.

Aspirin. One of those giant ones from Costco.

I’ve got twin girls coming around New Years. Baby clothes are always appreciated (they can be mix and match, completely different. please note some parents may be dead set against dressing twins alike).

Photo frames are useful for all those new babie pictures.

How about offering to do some lawn cleanup or bring them takeout from their favorite restaurant?

Do you babysit? Do laundry? Wash bottles?

Bringing babies home is exhausting. You tend to get overrun with cute pink things. I had a lot of unopened and unused gifts with just one kid. Twins make twice as many.

It’s never too early to give books. There are some very cute little bath books (waterproof) and some nice touchy books like “Pat the Bunny”.
Also, I love the “Baby Mozart” DVD. I bought one for myself, even though I don’t have kids. It’s very calming to babies and adults both. (I haven’t seen “Baby Beethoven”).

hm, give them 2 sets of baby earrings, very different in appearance?

a pair of gift certificates to a local tatoo shop to place a tiny star on the back of the left earlobe for #1 and behind the right for #2? [I know someone who did this. worked beautifully and drove the kids nuts because they couldnt pull any twin tricks off because theywere marked=), another friend tattooed a line around the left wrist on one and the right wrist on the other]

How identical are they?

There is a place that will tattoo BABIES!?!?! :eek:

If I were to ask my mother this question (my younger sister and brother were*
twins) she’d probably answer: “A lifetime supply of valium.” :smiley:

I like the idea of a pair of baby’s first Christmas ornaments if the parents celebrate Christmas. A pair of really cool photo frames might be nice too.

*My younger brother died a couple years back, hence the “were.”

Get something for the parents. Cook them dinner or offer to wash their cars, etc.

I’m a Mom with semi-Triplets: older brother followed by twins 11 months later.

Best gift: one month diaper service. Cheaper than all those Pampers, don’t need to wash/dry and a real blessing when you are dealing with two young’uns.

Tanookie’s idea of offering to mow lawn or some services is also greatly appreciated.

Finally: if it is clothes you are thinking about… buy something that can be used over time and can be mixed/matched. Tshirts are short lived because babies grow quickly; sleeping sacks are ok because kids grow into them.


kiffa, You must be a busy mom. I’m not sure if we have such a thing as a diaper service here. I’ve never heard of it. Do they wash used linen diapers?

swampbear, I’m so sorry about your brother. :frowning:

aruvqan, Are you kidding me? They tattoo babies? :eek: I dunno how identical they are. I haven’t talked to the parents, nor have I seen them. It is an original suggestion, though. Thanks :slight_smile:

NurseCarmen, I might need the aspirin myself. I’ve never had the pleasure of two screaming babies right next to me before. :smiley:

All the rest of you: Thank you! So many excellent ideas. :cool:

Not in the US, but personally, I cant see what problem anybody would have with a hidden descreet tattoo of a social security number or some other means of positive ID. Hell, I have a cat I ‘lo-jacked’ with a microchip, if it could be done with humans, I’d be all for it. Make sure the kid you are trying to get into kindergarden or a new school isn’t kidnapped…[just had a friend have his daughter kidnapped by the mother - the cops figure that mom is shacked up with someone and driving his car, his name on the utilities and lease, so she is under the radar=\ They dont really think he will ever see her again, and as she is just 1 and a smidge, the kid won’t ever know she was kidnapped and the studmuffin mom is shacked up with isnt her real father.]

I have heard of a few skin artists who have inked small ids on babies for friends totally under the table, though i dont know names or exact cities…so there is no further information I can give about that, though I will comment I know an aweful lot of people growing up in the 70s [including myself] have small do-it-yourself with an inked sewing needle tatoo, so I wouldnt be surprised if there arent a few kids out there that the parents have inked.

Honestly, what is the big deal, if you pierce an ear or ink a small star on the back side of an earlobe for ID? A SSN on some seriously obscure and hidden part of the anatomy? I see babies with pierced ears, and a kid isnt going to accidently yank a tat off the skin, and i have seen babies with torn earlobes from ripping out an earring.

This is a second vote for a diaper service if you have such a thing. They have been around for a long time in the states. they came close to being decimated when the disposable diapers came along, but have been making a comeback. What it is is a service that rents you your diapers. They pick up the dirty ones at the end of the week and leave you new ones. It is great for several reasons: you dont have to ever buy different sized diapers, and you dont deal with the laundry. My daughter was alergic to the disposable diapers, so this was a god send. At least here it was no more expensive than disposables. A couple of friends went in on about two months worth for me.

Yeah, It kinda makes sense, aruvqan

furlibusea, It sounds like an awesome service. I don’t think we have it over here, though. Might be a good tip for people who want to start their own company. Thanks.