What products are ok for super sensitive eyes?

I am a fair-skinned redhead with light eyes. My problem is that if I use any products on my eyes, makeup wise, I usually lose at least two eyelashes from each eye each time.

I usually only wear makeup on Sundays, but I’d like to wear it more often. The thing is, pretty soon I won’t have any eyelashes left if this keeps up. I actually had a naked spot with no eyelashes on one eye when I was in college.

What products are safe for sensitive eyes?

Over the years I have tried mascaras from Lancome, Clinique, Prescriptives, Cover Girl Sensitive eyes products, L’Oreal, Max Factor, and Merle Norman. I have tried many different eyeliners from these companies also. I hope this is the correct forum for this question.

I don’t use anything that is waterproof, or anything that is deep black. Everything I’ve used has been labelled ‘dermatologist tested’. I very gently remove makeup from the eye with a Q-tip with Clinique eye makeup remover. I don’t rub or scrub. I rinse with cool or lukewarm water.


You didn’t mention Estée Lauder. If you have tried all the others and none of them worked, that’s the only other that comes to mind. Estée has one of the best reputations for being hypo-allergenic. Though I’m surprised that you had ill effects with the Decleor, they usually make pretty good products.

Could be that you just have weak follicles on your eyelashes. It’s not unheard of. I would suggest falsies considering that you seem to be losing most of yours. They take only seconds to apply, just make sure that you glue just above your eyelashes and don’t get any of the glue on your eyelashes or you’ll be in trouble. Most glues are warm water soluable so you be pretty safe anyway. Just don’t come home after a long night and rip 'em off.

Also, if you do get falsies, get something that looks natural. It doesn’t take much to turn you from superfly to supertramp in a matter of millimeters.

Good luck.

If you are not too sensitive for petroleum jelly (brand name begins with V) you could try stroking a little over your eyelash folicles at night, to nourish them. Of course, this would be a longer-term trial.

I will try them. But Prescriptives is owned by Estee, so I don’t know if the products will be very different.

What is Decleor? I have never heard of that. Is it a company? Do they specialize in sensitive eyes?

I apologize, I thought you had listed Decléor under the brands you had tried. I am not too sure if the even make mascaras, mostly just skin treatments. They might have something that you could use, though. You might want to stop by Nordstrom’s or wherever and talk to the lady at the Decléor counter.

I looked at that site, I have never heard of that company. They seem really interesting. I’ve never been to a Nordstrom’s either… I’ve never seen one. Well, Sunday is upon us, and I’m going to wear mascara, dadgummit, even if I do lose some lashes.

I am wondering if maybe I should poll the redheads and true blondes on the list about what eye makeups they use.

Mods, is it okay for me to reformat a question and put it in another forum?

The clinical term for eyelash loss is madarosis.

Thanks for all of your responses, wishbone. I just took my eye makeup off and guess what happened…

I looked at the link, very interesting. I had thought about checking with a dermatologist, but I was thinking the answer would be, ‘don’t wear mascara’, which I already know is an effective treatment for what is up. Maybe I’ll search for some dermatology websites. And I’m still thinking about polling the board.