What puppy questions should I have?

My friend’s parent’s dog Buddha has fathered yet another litter of puppies several hours south of Chicago.

He is a farm dog and not being farm-savvy, I have no idea why they don’t have this dog fixed.

The owners of the mother are giving the puppies away and my wife and I are seriously considering adopting one of them. We have the phone number of the owner and will be calling her tonight and I need your help to know what to ask before we make the decision to drive several hours (whenever the puppies are old enough to leave their mother). I suppose to pick one out we should go down beforehand and see if one of them likes us.

Here is what we know:

The father is a part Sharpei and miscellaneous. He is good natured and friendly. A different friend of mine (Tron) has a 3 year-old son of Buddha from a different mother. Tron’s dog has the best temperament of any dog I have ever met.

All we know about the mother is that she is a medium sized miscellaneous.

The puppies were born on 6/20/2008. We have no pets in our house now, but have both owned various pets before - including dogs. We will be getting the potential dog neutered/spayed. We also have the time to devote to owning and training a puppy/dog.

So other than a picture of the puppies emailed to us, questions about the mother’s temperament is there anything else we should ask that would be potential deal breakers before we make the drive?

Thanks, y’all.