What really happened in Ray Bradbury's "The October Game"? Possible unboxed spoilers

The upsetting books thread devolved a bit near the end into a discussion of "what really happened in Ray Bradbury’s ‘The October Game.’ " I’m always good, giving, and game when it comes to Ray Bradbury discussions…so whaddaya think?

I can never remember whether you can see spoiler-boxed text on mouseover or not, so just to be safe, we’ll skip over to a new post…

I’m inclined to say that yes,

He did kill Marion

if only because Bradbury is not one for understated endings–he likes to bludgeon you over the head with a quiet-but-overtly-terrifying ending. Think “The Whole Town’s Sleeping.” But on the other hand, I can see how it could be read as

coaxing Marion over to the dark side.

What say you?

I’ll have to re-read before giving a definitive answer, but I always went along with the idea that he had actually done it. And yes, the logistics are troubling…