What retro clothing would you like to see back?

Another thing I want that I haven’t seen for years and years: Button-up sweaters. I used to wear those. But all the sweaters I’ve seen for a long time are pull-overs. I’d really prefer button-up sweaters. Do they still exist anywhere?

It’s technically the synthetic fiber from which it’s made but the shirts put the fabric on the map. I’m pretty sure other garments were made of it but I’d bet the vast majority who have heard of it associate it with the 70s shirt.

So what, specifically, is the synthetic fiber from which it’s made? Can I find shirts made of the same today?

ETA: Okay, I just googled and read the brief wiki page. It’s the nylon type of fabric. But my other question stands: Can I find such shirts today?

Are you asking about cardigan sweaters? I see them available on line-LLBean and Lands End, etc.

Does the term “cardigan” specifically refer to button-up sweaters as opposed to pull-overs? I just googled and see a few such on Amazon. But only a few, mixed in with a bunch of other styles. I sure haven’t seen them in stores for ages.

Specifically it refers to any open fronted sweater, i.e. one that does not need to be ‘pulled over’ one’s head to be donned. In my youth it meant a sweater that could be buttoned closed-in the past few fashion decades it seems that open-fronted sweaters that draped open without a closing zipper or set of buttons was also called a cardigan. Slightly before my teen years women would wear twin sets-a matching knit top without an opening (except to be pulled over the head) with a matching knit buttonable cardigan topper.

So cardigans with buttons are still available, probably from older, more sedate retailers. In other words, there’s a reason Mr Rogers was famous for wearing one.

Are cardigans out of style? I was watching Jeopardy! and they said it was Taylor Swift’s signature item… but I can’t say I’ve seen a lot of them. Don’t really know. Probably long past if it’s on Jeopardy…

In all honesty and full truthiness, I’ve heard the phrase “party cardi” used to represent a cool sweater.

Toe socks. With sandals.

Well then, there are cardigans and then there are Taylor Swift cardigans…

(I’m much more Fred than Taylor)

My mother would have wanted women’s hats. I don’t mind, as long as they’re optional; I rather like looking at them, but don’t want to wear them.

What I want is good quality cotton ragg boot socks. Good ones, which don’t stretch out of all comprehension in three wearings, or refuse to stay up. Yes, I love merino wool socks – in the winter, and in spring and fall weather up through 60ºF or so. I do not love any kind of wool socks for a day’s work when it’s in the 80’s, nor do I love the heat rash they’ll give me. Nor do I love synthetics, most of which make me itch.

That’s either an oxymoron or it totally defeats the purpose of a sweater. I want a sweater to be WARM if not toasty HAUTE!

I still see men wearing Members Only jackets. They’re usually elderly.

I’d love to see gaucho pants make a comeback (JUST KIDDING - those things were butt-ugly!)

Hot pants. My college girlfriend was smokin’ in her pink ones.

I wear cardigans all winter with a top underneath. In the summer, because of A/C I wear cardigans over my tank tops. I can find women’s cardigans everywhere. I have every color imaginable. Some are open-front, have buttons, have zippers, some are long - past the butt, some are waist length and others are somewhere in between.

Canada has plenty of cold weather. I prefer sweaters, but certainly they can often be too hot or heavy. However, some are very light. I’m not sure sweaters are trendy, but I do not care about such things much, sometimes wearing sweaters with a tie. The ugly Christmas sweater trend was briefly amusing but I’m done with it. It should be on the on-site thread about fashions long past their prime.

Male cardigans are currently in style as well:

21 Best Men’s Cardigan Sweaters in 2020 | GQ

The Best Men’s Cardigans 2020 | Autumn Fashion Trends | Esquire

Are you talking about the hair thingies or the mask things? I find it hard to believe the hair thingies are in any way popular. Do some women wear them? Sure, usually conservative religious people, in my experience. I would certainly be surprised to go to the local bar or shopping mall and see a bunch of women wearing snoods.

That’s literally the fashion world’s job. Male or female. Also nice of you to be so demeaning to women who choose to wear something by calling them Barbie dolls. I think women have been able to dress themselves for several years now, they don’t need men sneering at them for their choices.

I actually have one sitting in a plastic bag in my closet. I don’t do much dancing anymore but back in the day you could find lots of places in NY to period dress for dancing.

Otherwise known as 70s South American drug cartel shirts. I think every movie back then had drug dealers wear those.

I can’t really think of anything I miss. I would like to see the end of skinny jeans/pants. Especially the ones that stop short of the ankle. They look good on nobody.

Neither. In my parts, a snood is neckwear, kind of like a continuous loop scarf.

Some of them are a single stretchy circle you pull over your head, others are longer and require you to loop them double.

You can wear them down like in the picture (the most common style), or if it’s really cold you might pull it partway up to cover nose and mouth.

If there are other snoods, I don’t know about them.

Ok, that I can see a lot of people wearing. Up until this thread I had never seen this use. Usually in the US, I think this would probably be called a gaiter or simply a scarf.
This is the version of snood I am used to. Based on his other choices, I assumed @DocCathode meant this type of hair covering.