What retro clothing would you like to see back?

We have gaiters too, but they’re exclusively lycra-type material, not insulating/scarflike.

I don’t think gaiter was a word that got used a lot here until Covid. They became popular with people that had trouble with masks, whether they were effective or not.

“She ran calling Wildfire…”

Gaiters go on you legs, not your neck. At least, here they do.

That was confusing me too, though gaiters are barely a thing any more in the US.

But you have all those ticks…

Gators are in the south.

Demeaning to women? I am not calling women “Barbie dolls”-I am saying that for the longest time the industry was(and still is, but to a lesser extent) dominated by men that treated women like Barbie dolls. “Fashion” which was 95% how men wanted women to look and 5%b hw women actually wanted to look.

Counter example


I used to go to a bar called Gaiters. They had dozens on the wall.

I’ve only seen them used by marching band members, certain flag waving military personal and once a very serious long distance bike racer.

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as XC skier, I am aware of both gaiters on the legs (to keep snow from getting inside your pants), and warm neck gaiters:

The one I use may be think enough to be an effective COVID screen but would be awfully warm to wear inside.


I have a cloak. I don’t have a snood, but only because I don’t have enough hair to make it work.

Snoods- a clarification

I meant the hair covering.

I’d call that a cowl. Or an infinity scarf.

To me, a snood is a hair covering/holder sort of thing (pictures)

If we can include hair fashions I’d say big 80s hair on women. Sure, most of the time, on your average Jane Doe, it looked kind of cheesy. But sometimes it looked fantastic!


Capes. I’d wear the hell out of a cape.

The snoods as I think I understand the term, are hair coverings worn by certain religious women who also wear prairie dresses. I see them a lot around here. The people around here who wear these are Mennonites, I think.

I have hat, cape and cane.

I could go with a cane. As long as there was a sword in it.