What retro clothing would you like to see back?

Come Covid and everyone seems to be wearing sweat pants and Crocs. Comfortable and low maintenance. Even banking commercials are joking about not wearing pants.

It won’t last forever. What previous clothing style would you want to see revived?.

Perhaps you like parachute pants with Members Only jackets. Me, I would like to see a slightly more formal look for men — jeans with a tie and sport coat. Maybe hats which lack a team logo. It’s hard to argue with yoga pants on women. But I saw a movie last week which showed a women wearing the briefly fashionable jeans with large rectangular leather patches on the bum and inner thigh. I always thought those were sort of sexy. Probably not so practical, but at least they have pockets. I don’t know how women can live without pockets…

I keep telling my kids “You’re so lucky. You can listen to new music and the old stuff.”

Same with clothes. Want to be a '60s fashion plate? A preppie? A schlub? A mod? A rocker? A mocker? I know kids in their 20s who try SO hard to look like 1969…

I would HOPE people are learning that comfort is a way to be more relaxed, even at work. So my hope would be that the necktie would become “retro clothing”. As the owner/CEO of our ad agency (classy suits, but never a tie) used to say “Why would you trust your business decisions to someone who’s willingly cutting off the blood supply to their brain?”

Me, I stopped wearing a tie, then started wearing black jeans and comfortable shoes (trainers or Rockports) at work. The wife was sure I’d get fired, but no one ever said a thing.

So my answer is… No ties, jeans and tennies!

But not sure if that fits the OP, since it doesn’t have to “be revived”…

I’ve worn jeans and a shirt since high school, never saw a reason to change.

Fringed leather jackets and hippie headbands

Plaid sportcoats

Velco-enclosed sneakers (I mean, they probably exist still, but they’re really hard to find)

Hooded cloaks.


Yes, I am serious.

This. People say Velcro (generic: hook-and-loop) is ugly but that’s because it hasn’t been fully explored yet. It can be done in all kinds of classy ways. If we all already had Velcro sneakers and someone said “Hey, I just invented a new kind of shoe securing method, it uses tangly, twisty laces that have to be threaded complicatedly through 8 holes and you get used to retying them a couple times a day and when they untie they’ll drag along the sidewalk and get COVID on them and people will reprimand you for them being untied. Want to try it?” you’d say they they were crazy.

If we’re going to be precise, then “hook-and-loop fasteners:smile:

Plate armor.

I’d like to see kids wearing 70’s style punk clothes, combat boots and mohawks.

Me, I’ll continue to dress age appropriately as I’m slightly cringed out by the re-introduction of the 80’s mock neck tees and sweaters.

Neon clothes. Also, off the shoulders sweatshirts.

I want blouses with biggish collars and fullish sleeves. Not a Seinfeld puffy shirt, but approaching that. I hate blouses with tight sleeves and weensy little collars.

I had several blouses (usually crepe) like that, and I miss them all the time.

Indian bedspread print dresses. Dang. I wore the hell out of those. And now all I can find are expensive vintage ones. 60s styles are back, right? Why can’t I find those dresses?

Leg warmers. Those things work.

That’s just what I was going to say, but I don’t much care much if they legs warm. Women look good in leg warmers. Some look damn good.

Bell bottom jeans. Made short legs look longer and you didn’t have to struggle to slide them off when time was critical.

And you need blouses with bigger sleeves to balance that extra volume at the bottom of the legs!

Please bring back hats…and I don’t mean baseball caps, either worn backwards or forwards.

Definitely. Baseball caps are the biggest fashion curse of the last century. Ugh.

Homburgs, panamas, fedoras, trilbies, even a decent flat cap. Nothing with a cute slogan or business name emblazoned across the front.

100%. If people feel a need for a neck adornment on men, bring back the cravat/ascot (casual, not formal) or a turtleneck under a sport coat (see, retro clothing to bring back :slight_smile: )

I liked Members Only jackets. Although I always wished I could find one without the Members Only logo.