What retro clothing would you like to see back?

Why not go with the beautifully-carved walking stick… with the concealed sword?

(“You with the eleven items in the express lane! I poke at your heels. Poke, POKE!”)

A friend who passed a few months ago also collected canes. Though he would never use a weapon, he did own a few swordcanes. He forgot about the blade inside on a trip from Philly to the US Capitol building. The cane was confiscated and it was only after hours of interrogation that he was released. True story.

Back in the late '60s, I had the most stunning sky-blue Nehru Jacket, which I wore with white bell-bottoms. Unfortunately, it remained in style only about a week. The one thing about that era was that it was so much fun to get dressed.

One of the nice things about quarantine & working from home is that long leg warmers over yoga pants is a perfectly valid (and warm and comfortable) fashion choice. It does not look good. But it’s cozy.

I really want a zoot suit. It has no practical applications and it would look horrible on me. But I want one. Same with Dior “New Look” dresses.

Bowlers, cowboy hats, and skimmers okay too

(This thread is to say the clothing you like, even if you prefer current clothing. I try not to be too judgemental.)

I always wanted a zoot suit, ridiculous as it may be. I understand why folks might dislike ties, but I tend to wear them loosely.

I like men’s and especially women’s fashion from the 20s, 40s and 60s. But I tend to mix and match things. I have my own ideas of what looks good. Growing up in the 80s: can live without the neon “B.O. highlighter” Hypercolor shirts though I still like neon swimwear. Skinny ties? Why bother?

If you’re happy in them, they’ll look good, because your inner glow will shine through, and I for one will be saying “I didn’t know I liked leg warmers, but whhhhhhhoa…”

Oh, and if you’re COZY, that’s even better. Then I’ll be jealous.

Non-tattoos. Too many people are ruining beautiful bodies with ugly tattoos.

I’d like to see men’s suits fit properly, not that “too small” look like it’s left over from my grade 8 graduation.

There are certain styles I like, and I might be tempted to wear, but I just don’t go to the right sort of social occasions. I wouldn’t know where to get morning dress, and I’m pretty sure I’ll never need it. I’ve never even had to rent a tuxedo.

That said, I do have a few bow ties, but I wear them so rarely that I’m out of practice in tying them. (Yes, proper bow ties; clip-ons are tools of the devil.) Also have the most awesome pair of spectator shoes you ever saw.

Liable to cause a Riot.

Baseball cap with the bill facing forward. Was very popular once.

I’ll never forget the time, back when I was living in NYC. It was a very sunny day, and I overheard this kid with a backwards cap complaining that the sun was in his eyes.

The kind of shirts that were popular in the mid-1970’s. I don’t even know what to call them.

They were made of some kind of synthetic fiber. They were super-lightweight, tissue-thin, and if you held it up to the light you could see through it. But they were toasty warm. That mattered to me because I worked a night shift in a large air-conditioned room and it got chilly.

The popular style was that they were printed in fairly abstract patterns with brilliant multiple colors. I can’t find images on-line that resemble them.

I want them because I liked the colorful abstract patterns and the toasty warm fabric in cool weather. I guess the fabric didn’t “breathe” or something.

A proper beak, like Dr. Schnabel’s (Schnabel being the German word for beak), not those ugly masks of today:

Spanish capes or cloaks. I used to have one, black with beautiful red velvet on the inside; it disappeared while moving house. I suspect my wife was involved in this.
Alternatively I would accept a nice poncho, but without the ethno patterns: something more uniformly dark.
Seconding hats and canes.

Qiana shirts

A laughing stock to some, but I love 'em (for my female self, that is).
I’ve always loved fashion and have collected vintage pieces over the years. Oh to be able to fit into the many pieces that I’ve since passed on to the next fashion lover.

I love the fashion of the earl 60s (think Madmen). I had several “Joan” dresses. There’s something fun to be had from most trends / eras and luckily, these days you can get away with wearing almost anything.
My favorite style (that I can still, and do get away with) is sort of Y2k (think Phoebe Buffay.

Who’s that whispering in the breeze?

I’d like to see men’s suits fit properly, not that “too small” look like it’s left over from my grade 8 graduation.

I agree with this! I like a nice slim-fitting suit, but lately, they look like they’re 3 sizes too small. The sleeves look too short, when the jacket is buttoned, the button is straining not to pop off. They look so uncomfortable.

Shawl collar waistcoats. You can still find waistcoats easy enough, but you have to go to Western re-enactor stores for shawl collars.

Marley of London boots.

Decent plain cheesecloth collarless shirts without a breast pocket. They used to be everywhere in my town, now they’re nowhere.

Thank you for this info. Now, what exactly does Qiana refer to? It can’t be the colorful fashion, because I googled for more pics and found lots of solid-color Qiana shirts too. Does it refer specifically to the type of the fabric?