What Rhymes with Orange?

Dear Cecil,
I was wondering if you knew of any other words that rhyme with the word “Orange”. I can’t thing of one. Neither can anybody else I’ve asked. You are my last hope.
Thank you in advance,

Purple, month and silver all rhyme with orange as well as anything.

I believe there’s a !Kung dialect that pronounces “troll” like orange.

Glad to be of help.

And the problem with small furry animals
in corners is that, just occasionally,
one of them’s a mongoose.
Terry Pratchett, Witches Abroad

why do we drive on parkway and park on driveway?

ask him that next. he loves that question.

All this science, I don’t understand. It’s just my job 5 days a week-- Rocketman

Dear Bonz,
Get lost. Thank you in advance.

Dopeler effect:
The tendency of stupid ideas to seem smarter when they come at you rapidly.



Just like you, Bonz.

(Damn, that wasn’t like me at all…)

Forage, and storage. Hmm? Close. No cigar.


(in case this was not a troll)


It means to produce spores, IIRC.

“Happiness is nonetheless true happiness because it must come to an end, nor do thought and love lose their value because they are not everlasting.”

  • Bertrand Russell

Boringe. (It was spelt like that on the Cat Detector van. I’m very observant.)

Cat Detector van?

IIRC, Dr. Seuss invented the word “nerd” for one of his books. He probably ran into the orange problem once.

Why don’t you check out some of his books, Bonz?

This perennial question 'bout “orange”
Has never ceased to make me crr-ringe!

Gaudere: The remark about the Cat Detector van was based on a bit of Monty Python. If you haven’t memorized the entire canon by now, get crackinge!

Knock-knock !
Who’s there ?
Orange who ?
Knock-knock !
Who’s there ?
Orange who ?
Knock-knock !
Who’s there ?
Orange who ?
Knock-knock !
Who’s there ?
Orange who, you troll ?
Orange you glad I didn’t say orange again ?

(Couldn’t resist…)

O le mea a tamaali’i fa’asala, a o le mea a tufanua fa’alumaina.

A door for use in Jack and the Beanstalk might be a ‘four-hinge’ one, but I gave up early on those fairy tales, as you might’ve noticed in an earlier post. And, of course, a hinge that you buy from the store, rather than make yourself. . .aw, cut it out! Why don’t these rhyme fiends ever grow up?

A wonderful bug is the caterpillar.
I’ve watched and enjoyed as it sat uphill or
-Down on the grass.
And then off to class
I soon ran like our school never had a pillar.

Ray (Well, this is the beta version; the next one won’t have any bug.)

I would like to buy a license for my pet fish Eric.

That’s very similar to an old Ogden Nash poem (which I do not totally remember):

There once was a bird called the pelican,
Whose beak could hold more that his belly can.
(Line I can’t remember)
(Another line)
But I don’t see how the hell he can.

I am uncultured and do not have the whole series memorized. But I just got Life of Brian, Meaning of Life, and Holy Grail for my brother’s birthday, with the ulterior motive that then I can watch them all again too. Perhaps I will get him the TV series for Christmas. :wink:

Yes, Mjollnir, I plagiarized, more or less, the form and the first two words. I don’t remember the other words either.


Little yellow bird
With a big yellow bill
Sitting on my window sill
I lured him in with crumbs of bread
Then I smashed his f****** head