What sector do you work in?

I think this poll is self-explanatory. Questions, comments, and concerns can be directed to: 100 Kiss My Ass Ln., Nowhere, MT 31419

I work for a non-public agency, which means that although we are private and for-profit, we contract with the state of California to provide services to our clients.

ZZ9 Plural Z Alpha.

(Private for-profit - working for a company.)

If I’m retired, should I vote Other, Unemployed, or my job when I was working?

Hmm. Well, when I applied for this job, it was a three month trial as a self employed contractor, and then I’d be fully instated as an employee. After six months of no progress on that, I was instead informed that I, and everyone else currently fulltime employed, would be shifted to being self-employed contractors.

I’m not very happy about that at all, but I’m stuck with it.

Should be multi-choice poll. I have two jobs. Full-time at a non-profit, and part-time at a for-profit to make ends meet.

I don’t think it gets more “for-profit” than an insurance company.


I chose door #2 Monty!

Private for-profit (self-employed artist). Could just as easily be called “non-profit.”

Space Sector 2814

Well, let’s just see what’s behind door #1 – Johnny?


Wow, that was a close shave! Now, I’m going to give you a chance to change your mind – do you want to switch to door #3, or stay with door #2?

That’s one of your carbon blobs from Sector 7G

I wonder how far this varies from the general population. The unemployed figure is low, but I don’t know how the rest compare exactly. I thought the public sector figure seemed a little low too, Academia - public institution to Public / government (non-academic), so maybe it seems too high now. I don’t think a sizable portion of active Dopers have responded yet, so this will be more interesting to consider as the numbers go up.

I put academic, since I work for a research organization, although a semi-governmental one.

So . . . government for you then, eh?

I voted Academia - private institution as that is my steadiest source of income, but I also work Private-for-profit (Corporate–retail) and Private-for-profit freelance (singing and teaching), as well as various non-profit jobs (singing for religious institutions). At one point I could have thrown in Academia - public as well.