What shall I do with this 2 lb bag of frozen peas?

So I can’t even use them to make soup? I just have to… eat them? :frowning:

Send them to me-I LOVE frozen peas.

I am such a dork. I had never heard the polar bear joke and I actually laughed out loud.

Maybe it is the lack of sleep talking.

Ever laid naked in a pile of steamed vegetables? Just so you do it at home and not at the local buffet, this could actually turn out to be a fun past time.

Peas are great in salads, stews, soups, and pot pies.

How about in Indian-style rice?
(I have to admit, I too orginally dropped in to say I use my frozen peas for an ice bag.)

Conveniently, Alton Brown’s show Good Eats just did a pea-based episode. Details and recipes are here.

Or, you can just make LOTS of fried rice.

Because I’m lazy when I cook for myself I have perfected the 5 min, one pot dinner.

Here’s one with peas that can be adapted to suit any number of people.

Frankfurters sausages, chopped into chunks (2 per person)
Garlic cloves (1 per person)
Couscous (1 small cup per person)
Frozen peas (one cup per person)
1/2 small tin double concentrated tomato puree per person
Boiling water
sugar to taste

Fry garlic and frankfurters in a large non-stick frying pan until heated through and sausages slightly browned. Remove frying pan from heat and add couscous, stirring to coat it with oil. Add enough boiling water to cover the couscous and return to a low heat. Add tomato puree and stir in. Add frozen peas. Keep stirring until couscous cooked and the water absorbed, add more water if necessary. Season and add sugar to taste (the tomato puree is quite sour) and serve.

It takes about 2 mins to prepare and about 5 mins to cook and is tasty and filling.

Thanks irishgirl! That recipe just got added to my camp-cooking list!

If you do try it and it looks funny, just add more of whatever seems lacking, I’m not that great at quantities since I tend to just chuck fistfuls of things in, so don’t take the quantities as gospel!

Creamed Peas on Toast-a favorite comfort food:

(sorry I don’t have exact amounts)

Milk (2% or Whole)
Corn Starch to thicken

-Boil Peas in water to just cover
-Mix a little milk with corn starch
-Add milk until mixture turns opaque/creamy-looking
-Bring to a boil again
-Slowly add corn starch/milk mixture, whisking all the while
-Cook until thick (you can add more cs/milk mixture if not thick enough)
-Remove from heat
-Generously Butter toast, cover with creamed peas, and salt/pepper to taste

OK, I’m trying this recipe as we speak. It sounds not bad. Except, I found the amount oil & vinegar was too much, so I doubled the amounts of peas, onions, & tomatoes.

As for the creamed peas on toast ::shudder:: and peas with couscous, well the couscous sounds great, but why add peas? The creamed peas on toast, well… ::shudder::

Peas with Mac & Cheese??? How dare you?

Y’all just trying to make up ways to get rid of the peas, now aren’t you?

The peas in the couscous are because they cook very quickly, and I don’t make any meal that doesn’t have a vegetable of some kind it in. Plus it works really well and tastes nice!

Nope. I try to find ways to get my family to eat more vegetables. :wink: And it’s no longer mac-n-cheese, it’s now tuna noodle casserole. Using boxed mac-n-cheese as its base simply means I don’t have to tell you how to make a roux and white sauce to which you’ll then add cheese along with the noodles, protein and peas.

'Sides, you did ask us to help you get rid of the peas, you know! :smiley:

What are these? Are they “hot dogs” in U.S. parlance, or something else?

(Heh, in typing that, I just had a flash to Montgomery Burns saying, “Let them have their ‘tar-tar’ sauce.”)


Better yet – there are some (southern) Indian entrees that use peas as their base. Very flavorful, and uses up lots o’ peas in short order.

Lemme see what I can dig up.

Uh, yes, I think “hot dogs” would be right.
Those sort of odd, German sausages you boil, fry or microwave and that come in jars or vacuum packed in plastic.

Sausages are something different to me.

If you aren’t looking to use them all at once, I think that they’re great in any Italian dish with either alfredo or tomato-based sauces.

Okay, here’s a quick, one-stop shop site for Indian recipes.

On the left, click on “Main Courses” and on “Rice”. Look for all instances of the word matar or mutter – these denote dishes featuring peas.

Quercus seemed to be talking about a dish that’s called Mutter Pulao on the linked site.