What To Do With Frozen Peas?

I have an enormous bag of frozen peas from Costco and need to make freezer space. My usual way to handle them is to just boil them and drizzle them in butter, but I think I’m going to need some variety. Suggestions?

Pea soup?

Nope, pea soup is made with dried peas.

Put them on a black eye! I have an extra if you need one.

This is stolen from Top Chef, but it is ridiculously easy. Take that butter and a lemon. Soften some butter with fifteen seconds in the microwave and squeeze some lemon juice in. Use a peeler to add some lemon zest as well. Finally take some fresh tarragon which you can find in a little plastic sleeve in most grocery stores. Chop a couple of table spoons of tarragon, add some salt and pepper and let it all melt over the hot peas. Somehow the lemon tang with the tarragon is a great combination and transforms ordinary peas into a dish you will want to make.

It takes about ten minutes to boot.

You’d be surprised at how good green pea and mint pesto is. Goes great with any type of pasta.

I have a medium-sized bag of peas in my freezer to use as a cold pack when an injury occurs. These two-year old “ouchie peas” have been used and refrozen several times, and are distinct from the oft replaced bag of “eating peas” but that’s probably not what you’re looking for.

If you can’t use up your frozen peas, save them for a cold pack.

In other words, I’ve got nothing for you. Ought to delete this post instead of posting it. What the hell . . .

‘You eat every carrot and pea on your plate!’ :stuck_out_tongue:

My dad used to make peas-and-cheese salad. He used canned peas, but you can use thawed frozen ones. Mix pea-sized cubes of cheddar cheese, peas, and Miracle Whip together. Chill and eat. The other day a friend told me a similar recipe, which reminded me of dad’s. His had more ingredients, and used mayonnaise and other stuff as the ‘dressing’.

The problem with fresh pea soup is that many people consider it a waste of fresh peas; that’s why they make soup with dried peas and use fresh in other dishes. But obviously you can make pea soup with fresh or frozen peas as well as dried peas. Green pea soup: Saute some onion in butter. Cook up a mess of peas, add the onion, and blend them up with an immersion blender. Add vegetable stock until the soup thickness is where you want it, and simmer for 10 to 15 minutes. Add whatever herbs or flavorings you like; I like tarragon with peas, as well as chives (if you’re fond of more onion flavor). I don’t like garlic with peas, but that’s a personal thing.

You can also use the same rough recipe to just make mashed peas (just omit the vegetable stock). Or you can do a mash of one-half potatoes and one-half peas, which is quite tasty, especially with lots of butter.

A common pasta dish with peas is pasta with prociutto and peas in a garlic cream sauce – delicious, and there are about 100 recipes for it on the web.

Peas also can have a fairly central role in meat stews or shepherd’s pie.

Now that is tasty! :slight_smile:

FWIW, I use mixed veg in my shepherd’s pie.

My mom used to make creamed English peas (green peas for the non-hillfolk) and pearl onions when peas were coming on in the garden. I’ve made it using frozen peas and it still tastes good. Just cook the pearl onions and peas until tender and mix with a medium white sauce. Sometimes, she used to put a few new potatoes into the mix too. Goes well with roast chicken.

This is my go-to summer salad – it keeps really well. You can add chopped onion and celery and hard-cooked eggs to dress it up a bit. I like it better with frozen peas.

A local deli makes it but they won’t tell me what they use for dressing. It’s not Miracle Whip or mayo. It’s yummy. Maybe it’s yogurt, or sour cream and something.

The ***only ***thing I use frozen peas for: tuna casserole.

All you need are pasta, canned tuna, cream of mushroom soup, frozen peas, diced onion and a little seasoning. Maybe some bread crumbs (or those awful canned onions) on top.

My kids’ granny taught me how to make the extended version. Boil pasta; drain and mix the frozen peas in with it (thaws the peas and cools the pasta at the same time). She used mayonnaise; I use mayo, a spoonful or two of Miracle Whip, also a few tablespoons of Ranch dressing. I also sprinkle some salad seasoning, salt & pepper in it. Add either the cubed cheese like you mentioned, or just use shredded. Cheddar is best but you can use the ‘cheddar and monterey jack’ which is popular. To be really fancy, add cubed ham.

Another thing you can do with peas is to make a curry and toss the peas off in it.

I also put peas in my fried rice.

I eat frozen peas straight out of the bag. Reasonably healthy as a snack, and super easy.

I had them in Egg Foo Yung the other day. I used to think that it was a sign that a Chinese restaurant had given up trying when they started to use frozen peas, or worse, frozen peas and carrots, but they are so darned cute I understand now.

Personally, I cook frozen peas long enough that they start to resemble canned peas. I hate frozen peas.

Keep them in the freezer until someone you know has a vasectomy.


Nobody ever laughs at the ‘pea on your plate’ joke.

My dad used shredded cheddar occasionally. Or if he decided to make in on a whim, he’d use diced Kraft American Cheese (not the ‘cheese food’).

Another pea salad:

Peas, finely diced ripe tomato, chopped green onions, parsley, olive oil, white wine vinegar, salt.

Mutter paneer, maybe?

I didn’t get it. It is funny. I’m stealing it.

My pea-disliking wife doesn’t laugh when I implore her to just give peas a chance either.