What shall I name my new iMac?

I got a 24" iMac (which is probably going back today, perhaps for replacement, due to the nasty crashing problem that’s staring to be associated with the ATI 4850 cards). In any case, though I waited 6 weeks for delivery, I didn’t give any thought to it’s name.

I’ve always named my macs. My current Macbook is called Yggdrasil, and of course that makes my iphone Odin. I like mythical names a lot. The iMac seems to be male, powerful, and stunningly beautiful (and perhaps a bit fickle or disingenuous, but maybe not). Any ideas for a fitting name?

Not to be too obvious, but Apollo fits the description

I call my Mac “Bud” when it works for me, and “Piece Of Shit” when it doesn’t.

It works 99.9% of the time though so I rarely have to use its, ehm, last name.

if you want to stick with the Norse thing, Baldr is a lot like Apollo:

I dunno, I just thought of **Teiresias**first.
Or why another another good name from classical antiquity, like Homer, Odysseus, Ajax, Agamemnon, or even maybe Hermes or maybe Dionysus.

Then again, I named my ipod Raphael. Because I like Classical Painters. And Emotionally distant mutated Ninja Turtles.

Narcissus? (C’mon - modesty isn’t really something you can attribute to Macs)

For some Norse names, you might consider Baldur (“shining day” - Norse god of light and peace), Forseti (“promise” - Norse god of Justice), Heimdall (“world brightener” - Norse guardian of the gods) or Tyr (“Glory” - Norse god of War)

I was leaning toward Ganymede, because it’s just so dang gorgeous. I like Loki, but I didn’t want it to live up to its name. Narcissus is great, and I like the god Baldur, but not the sound of the word. Another friend of mine suggested Freyr as fitting, another one that I like the god but not the word.