what should I call my company?

I am considering registering my own company for some of the freelance work I do. Since the freelance I do ranges from graphics to web-dev to translations to general-computer-fixerupping etc I would like to go with something fairly non-descript.

I quite like the trend of “random” names for companys, for example I saw a company named “Orange You Glad” the other day, and another called “A Half Bee”. Suggestions along these lines would fun. I was half thinking “Bubblewrap” but I wasn’t really sold on it.

Help me come up with some fun or clever suggestions :slight_smile: If there is a meaning behind the names, please explain it!

Geeks Don’t Sleep

How about Modnar Consulting (Random spelled backwards).

Kitchen Sink Consulting (As in, instead of “everything but the kitchen sink”, you throw in the kitchen sink, as well).

Dubl Duty Consulting (since you’re from Dublin and the “double meaning” of offering more than one type of service).

Spider Byte Consulting (should be obvious, no? – I think this is my favorite. Or maybe the one above – I can’t decide).

When I had to set up a company some years back, I seriously considered “Vandalay Industries.” At that time, the name had not been taken in Canada.

Jack of All Data

Custom Design and More

All Your Base Belong To Us :rolleyes:

Morlock Consultants (reference to H.G. Wells’ “The Time Machine”)

Mad Dogs and Irishmen (riffing on Noel Coward; there is/was a NYC ad agency called “Mad Dogs and Englishmen,” so there might be a legal issue with this one.)
Personally, I love “Geeks Don’t Sleep”. Question: how many of the idiomatic (or idiotic?) English-language humorous suggestions would be understood by most Swedes?


Call it Iteki.

Sounds very high-techy.

Smock design.

Microsoft (that one may be taken)
Coldfire :slight_smile:
Classical Computing
Aardvark Consulting (get your name at the top of the yellow pages)
Ministry of Information


Well, if I ever started an IT company I always wanted to name it InSan I.T. Feel free to use it.

Utica Drop-Forge & Jewel Company.

Oh, Um… the… best… dang computer company in town!
<crowd>Whooo!</crowd> :smiley:

Perhaps look through the imdb for old B-movie titles, 'cause that’s (no, really!) what some of these remind me of. Or… no! My brother and his friends always come up with the wierdest names for their role-playing characters. Go find a D&D group. :slight_smile:

About the only thing that comes to my brain is “I Can Do I.T.”

I’m cracking up at the “Half a Bee” one. Genius!

Whatever you name your company, make sure your website address is short and easy to remember. When my brother and some friends started a consulting business the name was something like: threeguyswhoallgottogetheranddecided togointobusinessasconsultants.com or some hilarious thing that didn’t even fit in the address bar. “Getting a lot of hits on that, are ya?” Ha! (Space added so as not to screw up the thread.)

The Daystrom Institute For PCs. :wink:

Or The Maria Futura Company–think “Metropolis” by Fritz Lang.

From Dilbert- choose a random astronomi cal term and a random scientific term- How about Uranus Hertz?


Oooh, we went through this (again) last year. I was pushing for Milwaukee Orange Grower’s Cooperative , but no luck. :frowning: We’re IT consultants, and my partner didn’t think it was funny.