What should I do after I graduate?

Hello! I was inspired to register by some of the insightful answers I’ve seen by posters on this forum… so here goes!

I am (unapologetically) an English major in my third year. That being said, I want/need to become more proficient with computers. Most of the entry-level jobs and cool internships I see posted value good writing in conjunction with graphic design skills. What would be the best route to take here? I have never even used PhotoShop or InDesign and couldn’t archive a damn thing if I were asked to. After I graduate I figured I would take on a series of paid internships to get a feel for what I want while gaining some actual experience. Now I’m wondering if I should go into a 2-year program or just supplement my course load now with night classes. Apologies for the longwinded question.

If you can supplement now with some basic courses, and pick up an internship before you graduate, you’ll be better off. Even internships want some evidence of skill/talent when they’re selecting.

There are some things you might be able to teach yourself - if there are programs available in the computer labs/library on your campus, find a book on those (try the university library or local public library if you don’t want to spend the money on a book before you try it) and run through the basics. This will help you start building a portfolio of sorts that you can show off.