What should I do for Coming Out Day? (funny thread)

Didn’t want to hijack andygirl’s thread.

It’s been a long couple of years - long adolescence, really - and this is my first Coming Out Day, so I feel like doing something special.

So far, here’s what I came up with:

-Burst out of an actual closet in a ridiculously public place, preferably a street corner, with a full backup chorus line. (This is not my idea. Mad props to whoever thought of it.)

-Grab my toolbox and fix stuff around the floor. Then buy a pack of smokes and perfect my James Dean impression in the hallway, only with more sexual harassment.

-Steal a megaphone and use it to ask some girl out, hoping to annoy my roommate with moaning at 2 AM. Then get shot down, buy a pack of smokes and you know the rest.

-Fill some water balloons with red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple paint and fling them at people from the roof. (I still can’t name all the colors without grabbing my flag pin.)

-Something political and constructive (Comedy Option!!!)
In reality, I’ll probably spend today watching a movie on my computer and eating Cheetos from the bag. But does anyone else have any ideas?

I don’t know, I kind of like the James Dean idea. As a chick I can see the appeal of the “James Dean” fantasy, so I don’t see why a lesbian version shouldn’t be effective as well.

Of course there’s always yelling from the rooftops. Practicing your barbaric YAWP and letting the whole world know.

Better hurry, the day is running thin…

Hey, just 'cause the day is ending in an hour and a half here doesn’t mean anyone has to hold off on suggestions. I’m always up for embarassing myself publically, no matter what day it happened to be.

And my prediciton about what I’d do tonight was accurate, despite my best efforts. Only without the Cheetos and the movie. Hooray for the wild n’ crazy “gay lifestyle.”

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