What should I do in Montreal

Calling all Montreal dopers. I’m going to be there for a while starting on Monday. What things shouldn’t I miss?

I’d like to see an Ice Hockey game but can’t find any tickets available on the web. Is it eaiser to get them once I’m there?

Check out the Old Port and Old Montreal. It’s basically what we call the area of the city that has been there since people settled it way back when. Narrow, cobblestoned streets and everything, it’s pretty cool.

Wandering downtown, or along St. Denis would be fun.

You want to go to a restaurant like Lafleur’s or La Belle Province, and buy yourself a “Steamé all dress et frites”
When you’ve recovered from that, go to a deli like Schwarz’s and eat a smoked meat sandwich.

Then go to a bakery on St. Laurent, or the one in the Faubourg (on Ste-Catherine near Guy) and pick up half a dozen bagels.

Okay, that’s your yearly grease intake covered. For nightlife, we need to know what you’re into. Strip clubs? Dance Bars? Pubs? And where in the city are you staying?

I’m afraid I can’t tell you much about hockey. I’ve only ever watched one game, and it wasn’t in Montreal.

Sorry, should have been a bit more specific. I’m looking for recommendations for bars (no dancing, just drinking), restaurants
and general things to do and see. Any tips would be helpful too.

I’m staying near downtown at the Renaissance which if I remember correctly is on Avenue Du Parc

I don’t know what your interests are, but I enjoy an occasional trip to the Biodome.

A kind of fun restaurant (not necessarially the best in town, but it is poster whatmove’s favorite) is Weinstein and Gavino’s. Pretty tasty food and wine.

The Biodome is great! And the casino is a blast too…absolutely gorgeous at night when it’s all lit up.

Jardin Nelson in Old Montreal is probably my favourite restaurant that I visited when I was there.

There’s just sooo much, it’s hard to pick specifics, and I’ve only been there twice! Just explore and decide for yourself :slight_smile:

oh…and take me with you!!!

The Montreal Rocket have two home games at the Bell Centre on Feb. 26th and 28th. It’s one league lower than the NHL but these players actually give a full effort every shift, which makes for a more exciting game. Tickets should be readily available now that they play at the 21 273-seat Bell Centre, sadly this means you’ll pay NHL beer prices. But at ten bucks a ticket, have 7-8 Molsons and I’ll bet you’re still having a better time for the cost of a Canadiens ticket.

After the game, you’re walking (or stumbling even) distance from all the English-speaking touristy watering holes on Crescent, Bishop and Mackay streets packed just north and south of Ste. Catherines street.

Go to Old Montreal, china town, and the Imax is pretty cool.

And poutine… Sweet poutine… Get some of that.