What should I do with an annoying slinky?

In the cube next to mine, there’s a guy with a slinky. It is driving me insane. All day he plays with it and it makes an annoying shliink - shliiink - shliiiink noise.

I’m thinking I’ll take a cue from The Office and imbed it a bowl of jello and leave it on his desk. I could steal it today, but he gets in before me in the morning and I don’t know how I would sneak it in.

Maybe I’ll just steal it and replace it with a plastic one. At least it wouldn’t make so much noise.

What would you do with an annoying slinky?

Someone else did complain about it to him, but he just laughed about it. And, of course continued to shliiink away.

Are you handy with an arc welder?

The plastic ones are just as annoying. Different noise, same grating on the nerves.

I’d find the two ends of the wire and twist them together really tight, essentially sealing the slinky shut.

Or strangle him with it.


When he is in the hypnotic trance-like state in which most slinkers live, quietly guide him over to a mall. If my calculations are correct, slinky + escalator = endlessly unoccupied cubicle.

I am handy with an arc welder, but I only have an Oxy/Actylene welder at my disposal. Why do you ask? :slight_smile:

I do like the other suggestions, but I fear destroying the slinky is out. I’m fairly new to this job and he is my supervisor. I really shouldn’t strangle him.

If I could get him to the mall, I think that would take care of it.

Kink it every morning when he isn’t looking.

Metal slinky, eh? Magnetize it. :smiley:

I guess I’m the only one who would enjoy the sound.

Crazy Glue.

10,000 & 1 uses.

Think about it.

This sounds like a delightful opportunity for some creative super-glue application. Glue 5 or 6 of the bands together so it will sound like shliiink-clunk-shliiink, or if you can time it properly, perhaps you could apply said glue to the coil ends just before he picks it up…

Push it down a flight of stairs?

Or in pais?

Let me borrow it so I can wrap it tightly around the neck of a neighbor that’s been in need of a good nose-blowing for the past, oh, month and a half. All day long, it’s snorrk, snuchhhck, snucksnucksnuch

That’s “pairs”. :smack:

I suppose it would be unreasonable to politely ask your coworker to knock it off with the slinky?

I thought it was supposed to be “Paris”, and I was thinking Eiffel Tower. :dubious:

Wouldn’t that annoy the French?

Hm… Has this been done? I’d like to see a vid of someone who’s been successful at it. Off to youtube…

At first glance I thought you wrote “Push him down a flight of stairs?”

What is your real reason for hating Slinkies? It’s a wonderful toy, or haven’t you heard?

A Slinky, a Slinky, what a wonderful toy.
A Slinky, a Slinky, it’s fun for a girl or a boy.
Everyone knows it’s Slinky.

It was “pairs”, but we’ll always have Paris.

Wait, that was Bogart & Bergman.

Never mind. :smiley: