What should I name my god/deity

I’m inventing a deity! All in fun of course (me being an atheist and all). Anyway I started doodling around with the idea of a winged or feathered gar fish for a T-shirt design. I loosely based it on the Mesoameican feathered serpent Quetzalcoatl: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quetzalcoatl
So I decided to draw it in a sort of an Aztec-y style.

But what to name my new god? Preferably something that sounds Quetzalcoatly but I’m wide open.

ETA: early sketch: https://s3.amazonaws.com/gs-geo-images/8143ead4-392d-4c3c-863b-944dbfe80ee7.jpeg

Jesus ------ well at least its Mexican-related even if it has been overused.
Ginebig ----- but it sounds a little Jewish. Or dirty. One of the two.
I would go maybe Askuwheteau – keeps watch

Just call it “God”.
It’s not like the name is copyrighted or anything.

True, but I was hoping for something a little sexier.


Sex God.



The Catholics would disagree. The Thirty Years War was essentially one long trademark dispute that killed a third of the population of the Bohemian, Royal Prussian, and Italian states. They could have avoided all of this if the Catholic Church would have just registered God with the European Union Intellectual Property Office and paid a small fee, and then the Protestant Reformation would have had no recourse but to name their diety Ghod or Godd or Alphonse, indicating that theirs was an off-brand almighty. The Jews were smart, and that’s why there is only one YHWH which no one is sure how to pronounce.

And people say patent and trademark law is boring.


If you named it the Visible Pink Unicorn you could start massive theological disputes, with all the murder and mayhem that entails. If anyone could be bothered.


(https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Invisible_Pink_Unicorn if the above makes no sense).


What can I say? Delaware has the same effect on me that French does on Gomez.

Ahura Mazda protégé


If you add a nesting site in a bushy shrub you could call it:

Gar Field Khat

Angra Mainyu

Ha ha. Gar Pheeld Khat!

If you’re going to attract new adherents it would make sense to give your deity a cute cuddly and lovable name - like Chirpy Derpy

I tend to be a literalist, so I googled “flying fish” in Aztec. I found that the language is called Nahuatl and found an English/Nahuatl website that listed “flying fish” as Michpatlāni. That would be good enough for me, but you might want to check to see if it needs an affix to be a name or to be the name of a god.

Assuming you’re interested in using it.

Chocolatl for an Aztec sounding name. Unless you think it is already a god. By the way, the genus of the chocolate tree is Theobroma, Greek for food of the gods (species is cacao).

I have to admit, Chocolatl sounds good.

Stranger on a Train

“I’m a god — I’m not the God, I don’t think.”