What should I wear to a Weird Al concert?

My girlfriend and I are going to see Weird Al live next week (:D!), but we’ve never been to any of his concerts and have no idea about appropriate attire.

Does anyone who has been to any of his shows have any advice? How about anecdotes? We don’t really know what to expect. We’re just looking forward to it!

I can’t give you any advice, because I’ve never been to one of his shows (though I imagine you can’t go wrong with a hawaiian shirt). I just want to note for the record that I am insanely jealous of you.

So Al’s in Australia now…

We went recently, and people just dressed kinda casually, lots of hawaiian shirts, obviously. He puts on a great show, prepare to be entertained!

Oh, you lucky goldfish!

Lime green clamdigger pants. Sneaks w. mismatched socks. Novelty eyewear (Hypno-disc eyes are good, but bug-eyes on long slinkies are better).

Glow-in-the-dark snorkel?

I didn’t dress special when I saw RWS.


A bag over your head?:slight_smile:

Actually, just normal attire, from what my friend tells me.

Normal attire is fine. When I went, three creative girls worse hats with stuffed poodle toys duct taped on. You know—Poodle Hat? A lot of people wore past concert shirts, or they hurried and purchased a new concert shirt and changed.

What should I wear to a Weird Al concert?
What should I wear to a Weird Al concert?
What should I wear to a Weird Al concert?
Ear-lye in the morning!

I saw him when he came here a few years back.

Normal clothing is just fine.

I saw him a little earlier this year, and people who wore stuffed poodles attached to hats got free T-shirts. But normal clothing is perfectly acceptable.

“What should I wear to a Weird Al concert?”

Uhm… clothes?


I attended one of his concerts six years ago. There was a couple who showed in Amish attire. You might want to try that.

Either that, or a Jedi outfit.


When I saw him in 2000 it was regular attire or concert t-shirts. Of course you might earn a special place in his heart if you wore something with a prominent 27 on it (Tennessee Titans NFL Eddie George jersey anyone?)

As far as costumes go…don’t be that guy.

Ear-plugs? :wink:

An accordian!

Pocket protector?

If you’re not going to go the costumed goofball route, howzabout a concert T, but of someone Al’s admired in interviews? I’ve heard him wax poetic about the talents of They Might Be Giants, that might be sorta cool, or even BNL or Ray Stevens. Or just wear that pair of pants none of your friends will ever let you wear because they’re just that fugly but you can’t bear to part with them.

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Coolest dressed guy I saw at a BNL show this summer was wearing a 3X too large emerald green dress, and not much else. I imagine the breeze felt nice, it was quite warm and an outdoor venue, but kudo’s to him for wearing a real green dress, that’s cruel. :slight_smile:
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I took my son to Weird Al’s opening Aussie show at Penrith Panthers (go Panthers) on Friday night. No-one was dressed up except Al and the band. The show was terrific, I haven’t seen an audience have so much fun in a long long time. The best tips I can give you are - watch The Vidiot from UHF to appreciate some of the in jokes, and take a camera. Al didn’t object to people taking photos and he went out into the audience twice and people were taking shots from only feet away.