What should I wear to the annual Employee Appreciation Dinner?

Apparently dress code is anything from jeans to floor-length ball gowns.

Here are the choices…

  1. Black pencil skirt and black three quarter sleeve tight fitting shirt.

Pros: classy, understated

Cons: maybe makes my butt look a little big?:frowning: Also, sort of funereal-looking.

  1. Strapless knee-length shimmery gold and purple dress with matching wrap.

Pros: makes my breasts look niiiiiice.

Cons: don’t want to be the slutty girl at a corporate function.

Help me out here, dopers!

I vote for #1. You don’t want your co-workers to be thinking about your bosom whenever they talk to you…

Another vote for #1 - and dress it up with black sheer stockings, heels, and jewelry. No one will think it’s funeraly then!!

Wear #1 at the Employee Appreciation Dinner …

and wear #2 here … :eek: :cool: :wink:

Number 1 sounds great. And, if it makes your butt look a little big, that’s even better :^9

Your butt can’t possibly look big in black, ouisey

Could party #1 up with some fun jewllery or a frivolous scarf?
#2 sounds deevine :slight_smile:

Wear both, you might change your mind once you arrive at this clambake.:wink:

Wear #2- if you’ve got it, flaunt it.

What about wearing nothing? Then maybe they’ll consider a raise :wink: coughcoughpunintendedcough

Oh alright… #1

Er…you are female, right?

Erm… me or the OP?

You under-estimate the ability of my ass.

#1 it is! I’ll wear some sparkly jewelry and pretty shoes with it. Thanks dopers!

Damn. Is the party over, ouisey? Did I miss my chance to do my Morris Day impersonation and suggest

*Fishnet . . .
Black panty hose . . . *?

I say there’s nothing wrong with going conservative, but in that case I like to throw them a curve ball and wear one extremely daring accessory.

I can’t tell you how many times my husband has said, "Uh . . . Honey? I don’t think that [insert clothing item here] was meant to go with that kind of [insert other clothing item here] . . . "

And speaking of your butt (which could hardly be considered big), will it be freshly waxed? :smiley:

Ooops, shit! Lest you all get the idea that SkipMagic is a fashion maven (and Morris Day fan), I should tell you that that last post was me, auntie em! I swear, he’s never even been near a pair of fishnet black panty hose!

Do you always keep lingerie in your glove compartment?
None of my women wear gloves.

Yeah, I’m cooler than Santa Claus, baby.

Can’t you find something that both makes your butt look big and enhances your breasts? Showing a little thigh couldn’t hurt, either.