What should my friend name her Devil Baby (a name-my-baby thread with a twist!)

If a girl, & the family is musical, Lilith.

If your friend or her hubby is a comics fan, Raven.

BTW–is the Daddy’s name “Sam”? :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

You know names like Chastity, Hope, or Care?

How about Malice (Alice, for short), or Evil (or Evelyn, for “short”) Or maybe Morticia.

Pazuzu might make a nice middle name, or maybe Azazel

Sadly, babies are seldom actually born on their due dates, except for in the case of C-Sections. But I do suggest that your friend bring her own theme music for the delivery. A little Ave Satani playing in the background might set the mood just right.

I often referred to one of my nieces as la diablita just because it seems fitting.

Could always go with Damiana for a girl. It’s actually an herb, but it sounds eeevil.

Baal, or Jezabal (Jezzabaal, Jezibell, etc)

Loki, or P’an-chin-lien (the goddess of prostitutes)

Susej, Hwhy, Havohej


Oddly enough the first time I typed this post it disappeared as I was typing it. I could see the letters for a couple of seconds. Weird…

I’m seeing the kid halfway to grown at a high school dance. Some girl comes up to him and he coughs, looks at his shoes, and says “Pleased to meet you.” She says, “What’s your name?” and he says “Won’t you guess?”

Sorry, your intern has to get that past my mother, who won’t be getting her dream apartment at the beach until November.

Hell hath no fury like a woman who can’t get her retirement dream home, lemme tell ya…

Legion… as in “My name is Legion.”


Girl-Hellen(two "L"s)

Seriously, if the world ends on Tuesday, I’ll be angry. I’m getting married June 24.

Let’s add to your statement: “Hell hath no fury like a woman who doesn’t get her dream wedding after 2 years of planning”.

If it’s a girl, how about Persephone (per sef oh knee)? She was also the most beautiful woman in the world (if I’m not mistaken), it’s very pretty, and highly unusual. And few people would ever get the reference, which is good.

There are so few kids named Mephistopheles these days.

You could try nick or Scratch.
How about those pulp demon names from Robert E. Howard and his ilk? Things like Thulsa Doom or Malik Thous?

My birthday is the apocalypse!


I really think First Name: Dick Middle Name: Cheney would be appropriate.


As someone else said, Adam.

If only for the Good Omens jokes.

For a girl, Nikki.

I should have mentioned that his big brother is named Nick!

I’m pushing for Mephistopheles, myself. Especially since they have one of those proper British sounding last names that practically begs for “The Third” after it. Mephistophelese Walsingham*, at your service.

Alas, they have declared that, if she goes to her due date, Damien it shall be. :smiley:

*Not their real name

Crazy Larry* from John’s agrees.

My son is pretty pissed off about it - he was supposed to go to AZ to visit grandma on the 11th…

  • If anyone from the NW burbs remembers, about a year or so ago, a guy barricaded himself inside a school bus (it was painted with all kinds of sayings and such) at his parents house at Algonquin and Meacham - they had a SWAT team and everything shutting down the area and finally brought him out with percussion grenades and a metric buttload of cops. THAT Larry. Yes, I know him. Quite well.