Zoe and Zeldar Are With Child!

Atheists, here is your proof of God. Alert Guinness! Zoe is pregnant. That was one hell of a New Year’s Eve and a 24th Anniversary! (And one Straight Doper wondered why we left Zanies a little early. Asthma medicine? Ha!)

We want to name our bundle of joy after a Doper or even a Mod. How does Tuba Dex sound for a girl? NDebadator for a boy? Neither of these sound quite right. Please help us find just the right combination of Doper names for our angel!

I was thinking of a name starting with Z, for some reason. Zither or Zyzygy come to mind, though maybe Zither might be shortened to Zit-- not a good thing.

Oh, the question was Doper names. No idea.

Edited to add: Congratulations!!

why not just name it my username?


Cecil? Or Cecilia if it’s a girl?

Anyway, many congratulations.

Congratulations. Sending out a wish for a quick and healthy delivery.





Maus is always a good name.

Congratulations Zoe!


I’m partial to Piggy myself, but if you want something more traditional (for a girl, at least) my actual name is Holly :wink:

Holly Piggy!


Zarcasm? Or Zarcasma for a girl. Zoe, Zeldar and Zarcasm!

Zoe, you’re 66. Are we going to see you on the news, or are we just April fools?

Zoe said to tell you that you’re no Goon! Did you happen to remember or did you do a little research?

She posted at three minutes till midnight so as not to miss the date rollover.

Thanks for all the congrats on our never-to-be. The names are hoots, as well.

To be honest, when I saw the announcement, my first thought was, “But you’re old!” And then I did just a little research and saw where she posted her age just a few days ago.

Quite so. On the “Old Folks: Stand and Be Counted” thread.


Zabraham or Zarah? :smiley:


If you’re really 66, as reported, then the only possible name is Zarah. What luck, and what a blessing! Best to you both.

She’s really 66, but not really pregnant. Just rather clever about April Fools’ Timing. :slight_smile: