What song actually makes you shout NO! and change the station?

The 12-year-old in me loves a song about sex. The adult in me laughs out loud at the old folks in the mid-70s who liked this bouncy little tune, not listening to the lyrics. Yeah, if you put that song out with different lyrics, it’s useless, but not lunge-for-the-dial bad. Then again, I wouldn’t listen to a station that would play music like that anyway.

you mean “Happy Christmas (War is Over)”. Gotta stand up for my namesake.

That’s the problem - you’re listening to top 40 radio.

It’s the high-pitched whining in most of their music that makes me uncomfortable. Listen to Rattle and Hum - that is a great album. I can do without any of their other stuff.

Journey/Steve Perry songs. Songs like Anyway You Want It are okay. Songs like Don’t Stop Believin’ are not. It’s the voice.
And while I can listen to a song or two by Survivor, more that that and it gets into Journey territory.

For me, it’s ‘Foreigner’ (used to get them mixed up with Journey :hushed: when they first started.). Foreigner is like Journey’s loser brother who lives in a trailer at the edge of town. … When the state fair comes around, Journey used to play at the concert venue, you had to pay to see them. When Foreigner appeared at the fair they played in the ‘free’ concert area. (‘Urgent urgent urgent urgent …’). (a lot of acts (or the remains of acts) played for free, Joan Jett, Beach Boys, and for the 100th year in a row, Herman Hermits! lol)

Ditto Foreigner. I didn’t think the lead singer’s operatic vocal style matched with the rock ensemble. It worked with Styx to some degree, but Foreigner just sounds so much like pretentious wankery to me.

The first song that came to mind was that awful reggae fusion song “Rude.” Not only do I not want the father in the song to give his blessing to the little shitball asking to marry his daughter, I’m hoping he figures out some clever way to break them up.

Can’t believe we’re 125 posts into this thread and nobody’s mentioned We Are The Champions by Queen.

Y’know what I hear whenever I (involuntarily) listen to that song? Okay, the team has just won the Big Game. Now they’re back in their clubhouse, celebrating, drunk, and getting steadily drunker until their falling off of their feet.

And then they’re singing this. It sounds exactly how I imagine a sloshed drunk team sounds after the game.

But that’s what it IS. They wrote it as an audience participation song at football (soccer) games.

How right you are.

Now I can’t decide whether the adults or the kids sing it more annoyingly.

Anything by Queen makes me do that, I can’t stand them.

That dance monkey song. That is auditory molestation.

We waited 9 months for that. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

And an hour for this! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Benny and the Jets. So played out.

Actually I don’t like meta in music at all. Can’t stand songs about a brand new dance, or band, or singer. Nor any song that starts with “well I’m a…”

I’ve hated B&TJ for decades, now.

Any song with Michael McDonald gets an “Oh, hell no!” I don’t care if it’s with the Doobie Brothers (which band he ruined), solo, or one of his guest backup vocals. I can’t think of a “singer” more over rated than him (except for Van Morrison, maybe).

Mine is generally anything by Imagine Dragons or Train. I’m fairly tolerant of bad 70s and 80s songs, but modern-day garbage just aggravates me.

That “Hey soul sister” song makes me want to Hulk out and destroy stuff.

I require an interpreter for anything he does. I have no idea what the lyrics are to “What A Fool Believes”, even after hearing it dozens of times.

Good luck with Yah Mo B There

Absolutely anyone singing freakin’ Hallelujah. It’s one of the most covered songs simply to add to my misery.