What song do the Soviet sailors sing in "The Hunt for Red October"?

In the movie, Sean Connery, er, Capt. Ramius gives a rousing speech and the sailors all resume their duties with renewed determination. What song do they sing? Anyone have a link to a performance of it (need not be the actual movie version)?

I should add, I already checked IMBD.com, and it doesn’t mention the name of the song in the “Trivia” section.

When I read this title, I wondered if you were talking about “It’s a Long Way to Tipperary” in the film Das Boot.

It’s the Soviet National Anthem.

Oops. Forgot the link.

Unfortunatly the song played over the opening credits apparently isn’t a real soviet song, but created for the film.

According to the movie’s soundtrack, the title song is called “Hymn to Red October.”

It’s the Soviet national anthem. Lyrics translate as follows – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Soviet_national_anthem#English_lyrics_.28the_official_CPSU_version.29:

Well, there’s a song (played during the de-boating scene for instance) that is not the Soviet National Anthem. I don’t know what it’s called but the lyric “Da svedanya, Rodina” can be clearly heard, which means “Goodbye Motherland*.” Quite fitting for a defection scene.

That’s the one. However, from what I’ve been able to find out, that song was created for the film. Too bad, since I do rather like it.

And I’d be happy to be proved wrong.

Written by Basil Poledourus, who also wrote the score for Red Dawn, Free Willy, and Conan the Barbarian. http://www.kerzap.com/hfro/music.html And here’s the lyrics (in Russian, transliterated into Roman letters): http://www.filmtracks.com/comments/titles/red_october/index.cgi?read=2

But the song the soldiers sang on the bridge was the Soviet national anthem, I’m pretty sure. I’ve heard it before and recognize the melody.

BTW, the present Russian national anthem uses the same tune as the Soviet one, with different lyrics. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Russian_national_anthem

Thanks, everybody. I now see that Amazon.com has excerpts from the THFRO soundtrack (although several customers complain that the soundtrack album leaves out a lot of good stuff):

The Hymn to Red October is sung at the beginning of the movie and when the crew leaves.
To see the Russian words view: https://youtu.be/YUU-IvSZTN0

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There have been different versions of it over the years. When I learned it back in the early '70s, it was Stalin who “brought us up to be true to the people,” and the third verse was

Our army grew up in the heat of grim battle,
barbarian invaders, we’ll swiftly strike down!
In combat we settle the fate of the future,
our country we’ll lead to eternal renown.

The other third verse given above is obviously more … bright and cheerful. :pleading_face:

Nitpick: The line is Do svidaniya, bereg rodnoi (“Farewell, native shore”). And no, I haven’t been able to find another song with that phrase in it either.

The English translation of the Hymn to Red October is:

Cold, overcast,
and gloomy in spirit [or soul],
how could I know that you would die?
Farewell, native shore!
How difficult it is for us to imagine
that this is not a dream…

Motherland, native home,
farewell, Motherland!

Hey! And on campaign we go, and on campaign we go!
The rolling sea awaits us, and will not wait for long.
The far reaches of the sea are calling us,
as are the breaking waves!

A salute to our fathers and grandfathers,
always true to their vows.
Now nothing will stop
the victorious stride
of [our] native land.

Sail, sail dauntlessly,
you, the pride of the northern seas
Revolutions are the hope,
an accumulation of the faith of all people.

[Repeat last two verses; then]

In October, in October,
we report our victory.
In October, in October,
our fathers gave us a new world.

[Repeat previous verses, then]

In October,
a new world…