What song is on the Reese's Peanutbutter Cup Commercials?

That pseudo techno / trance song playing on the “new” reese’s peanutbutter cup commercials. Identify and discuss.

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This isn’t the commercial you mean, is it? That’s Tomita doing Holst’s The Planets.

I think he means this one which the comments claim to be New Order’s Bizarre Love Triangle, though it doesn’t sound like it to me.

Oh, yes that is Bizarre Love Triangle, the song is several minutes long.

Damn, I finally knew the answer to one of these threads and I was too slow! :smack:

I didn’t recognize it either, and I love that song. I don’t know if there’s a part in the song or if they just cut out a few instruments.

Here’s a link to the music video. It’s about three minutes shorter than the one I’m familiar with, and it sounds like a different mix too.

I believe the song in the commercial is taken from their “Substance” album.

Thanks guys.

It was actually this commercial.


Comments say its “Needy Girl” by Chromeo