What song is this? (Pure: Rise Above ad)

Anyone know what song it is? Even Shazaam couldn’t guess it!

Are you sure it’s a song people would know, and not music written especially for the commercial? It doesn’t sound like a song you’d here on the radio, but more like background music, mood music, a THEME.

I never heard it, though there is a great deal of music I’ve never heard.

No, in fact that’s what I suspected it may be. But there seem to be a ton of others also looking for the name, so I had hoped it may be an actual song.

Thanks though

adtunes.com doesn’t seem to have an answer yet. wiki does have a soundtrack list for the game itself, it’s possible that the commercial song is one from the soundtrack:

  • The Answer - “Into the Gutter”
  • Blindside - “For the Nation”
  • Fred Baker -“Genius Touch”
  • Jeff Beck -“Grease Monkey”
  • Calyx & Teebee -“Dual Processed” Featuring MC Verse
  • The Datsuns -" Maximum Heartbreak’ and ‘Sittin’ Pretty"
  • Diet Kong -“With Magic”
  • Adam Freeland -" Spin Machine"
  • The Futureheads -" Beginning of the Twist"
  • DJ Hyper -“We Control”
  • Midfield General -“On the Road”
  • The Music -“Strength in Numbers”
  • My Luminaries - “The Sound of Music”
  • Noise Control -“Cities of Dreams’ and 'Mud Bath”
  • Pendulum -“Granite’ and 'Showdown”
  • Pop Levi -“Wannamama”
  • Qemists -“Drop Audio’ and 'Stomp Box”
  • Silvertone -“Try”
  • The Radishes -“Good Machine”
  • The Subways -“Rock and Roll Queen”
  • Tapeworm -“Getting Through”
  • The Whigs -“Need You Need You”
  • Wolfmother -“Woman”
  • We Are Scientists -“Inaction”
  • Zero DB -“Late in the Day’ and 'Redline”