What Sort of Roommate Are Your Looking For?

If you had to have one and had to pick from an archetype from either Seinfeld or Friends, who would you take? Why?

As I’ve referenced in another thread, I think there’d be a bear market on Kramers.

Nobody wants a George. Georges just happen.

I’d take Phoebe. I know, she’s a little loopy, but she’s sweet, and she’s entertaining. But really it’s more a process of eliminating those I couldn’t live with. Monica’s clean freak thing would just drive us to kill each other, and I’d spend WAY to much time seething because Rachel doesn’t open her mouth when she talks. Joey would be interesting, but he’s s little flakey with the job thing, so I’d be afraid he wouldn’t come up with the rent. Chandler’s just annoying, though he does have a steady job. Ross…I guess I could live with Ross, but he’s always bringing strange animals home.

Seinfeld? Ick. I couldn’t live with a one of them.

umm…do I get a pass on all those typos because there’s a baby in my lap? Sorry, she’s trying to “help me” type.

If I had to pick from those two shows, I’d go with Chandler. He seems like a goofy and fun, yet responsible guy.

“Could I *be * any hotter?”

Definitely Chandler. Rachel could be ok. Ross would drive me crazy; Joey and Phoebe are a little too…ditzy? Monica I could live with but I’d drive her crazy because I’m a slob.

As for Seinfeld, Jerry might be the only one I could live with. Kramer and George are just way too frustrating/annoying and Elaine would have way too many guys over.

Definitely Jerry. Clean, quiet, easygoing, relatively well off so he’d be good for the bills.

I was about to reply “Chandler”, because he would make me laugh all the time, and I think he’d be responsible enough around the house without being a slob or a neat freak.

Then I realised I live with my boyfriend, who is extremely funny (if a little sarcastic) and who is on the responsible side of slobby around the house.

Go figure - the SDMB just helped me to a profound realisation!

Probably either Chandler or Ross. Both have good jobs so the bills would get paid and they’re always over at their friends place so I’d have ours to myself most of the time. :slight_smile: I don’t look for a roommate I want to be friends with, I look for someone that will pay their share, clean up after themselves and not annoy me.

Definitely not Ross, as there’s no way I could keep from drowning him in the toilet. Then I’d go to jail, where roommate choices are made for you. None of the other Friends are ideal, either. Too one dimensional, and the laugh track would be very distracting.

I’d have to go with Jerry. He’s neat but sort of a doormat, so I could take his stuff and make a mess if I wanted. Plus, he’s always dating hot women, which is a plus.

Kramer…definitely Kramer.

I’m amazed it took this long to get us to our first Kramer.

I don’t see how you WOULDN’T want a Kramer.

I have a friend kind of like Kramer and I wouldn’t want him for a roommate. lol. People like that are fun, but in moderate doses. Same with Phoebe. She’s funny, but she’s too flaky/new agey to be a roomie.

I guess then I’d pick between Jerry and Rachel. It would probably be Rachel because she’d be a good friend.

Jeez, I have some time on my hands today. :smiley:

Way too messy, constantly borrowing and breaking others’ things, always falling down. It’s bad enough when it’s just me; I don’t need someone else doing that stuff too.

How would two Kramers co-exist?

I think the Cosmos would explode.

Absolutely Monica, no question about it.

I’ve lived with three people in my time, and I was always the clean one. It’d be a total dream to live with someone like Monica, who actually cleans without being asked, who puts her things away instead of leaving them all over any horizontal surface she can find, and so forth. Heaven.

Screw that. I want Innara or Kaylee for a roommate. Or both.

If I’m allowed to get specific, then I’d have to say Joey when he had his job on Days of our Lives. He’d be bringing in the big bucks, which I’d then take from him in our weekly game of Cups.

Of course, I’d then have to pass it all over to TellMeI’mNotCrazy as a reward for that “the Cosmos would explode” line.

Haven’t seen the thread in a few days. I also want to give some dap for the “Cosmos would explode” line. Nice, audible laugh came out of that one.